Scrooged Snowmen (29 comments)

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Dear Homins,

Atysmas Decorators Unltd has worked diligently in the past to ensure Atysmas Decorations reach you in the cities and towns all over Atys. Unfortunately this year it seems that those meddling marauders, the Scrooges Stooges, have ransacked our shipments of snowmen and scattered the crates all over Atys!

Time is running out to get all the crates together so we can decorate the land with these wonderful snowmen before Atysmas is upon us! We simply cannot find them all on our own and we need your help to locate and assemble the parts!

For every Homin that manages to collect all of the necessary parts for a single snowman, we will personally construct that snowman in any location of that Homin's choosing; we'll even engrave their names on the snowmen in thanks for their efforts!

To keep track of those who will help us, please come register with me at the Atysmas Village before you start your search. Only your vigilant eye can find the lost crates!

Yours Truly,
Zelonix Titheus
Atysmas Decorators Unltd
Head of Atysmas Decorating Affairs

Annual Magic Pole Atysmas Party (15 comments)

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Shine your shoes and get out your best holiday attire!

For the first time in Atysmas history, homins are invited to the Annual Magic Pole Atysmas party, hosted by none other than Father Atysmas himself! Due to a special arrangement made between Mother Nature and Father Atysmas, homins will be allowed to mingle with citizens of the Magic Pole for this special holiday event. Don't miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Annual Magic Pole Atysmas party!

Date: Quarta, Medis 28, 4th AC 2553(JY)
Time: 2h
Location: Kami Circle Magic Pole

[*] Saturday 18 December @ 19:00 GMT

The Great Atysmas Swap (60 comments)

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Soon the spirit of Atysmas will fill the hearts of homins with warmth and love of the holiday season on Atys. Like last year, the event team of Arispotle would like to enjoy this contemplative time of Atysmas with you. What you can expect from this year's festival will not yet be revealed completely. However, we are now calling all players who like to give and receive joy to participate in the Great Atysmas Swap.

How does the swap work? Anyone who would like to participate should send an in-game mail to Jaliun by Saturday, 11 December 24:00 GMT with G.A.S. in the subject line. The event team will draw lots to determine to whom you will give a present. On Sunday, 12 December you will receive an in-game mail in which you will learn the name of the homin who will receive your gift. But ssshhh, don't tell anyone who it is!

An event will be held in which the gifts are presented. In order to make it a more enchanting evening, we invite all homins to tell a little Atysmas tale, a mysterious legend, a funny poem, a chilling fairy tale or a romantic story.

We are looking forward to your participation and to this exciting evening of mystery gifting with all of Atys.

Holiday greetings!

Scream of Terror (177 comments)

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Are you scared of the Boogieman? Have you ever been scared out of your mind watchng "A Nightmare on Elm Street"? Have you ever had nightmares when you were little, waking up shaking and covered in sweat?


Well, you aint seen nothing yet!

To celebrate Halloween this year, Ryzom invites you on 30 and 31 October, to tremble with fear while suffering the wrath of the Souleaters, who are out to ruin your life. Find them and kill them before they do the same to you.

On 31 October, at 19:00 GMT, three special King bosses will lead the scourge of legend that makes your nightmares real.

Whill you be strong enough to stand up and fight them untill victorious?

NB : These events are out of character and have no influence on daily roleplay of Ryzom

2552 Akenak Election Results (12 comments)

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Senator Dios Apotheps announced the results of the elections with a hint of pride. The Emperor could be proud of his people.

Empire of the Burning Desert

At this year's elections Jena 2552, Patriots voted according to the ancient tradition of The Dagger and chose their Akenak. The fifth session of Akenak will meet on Quarta, Folially 10, 4th AC 2552(JY) * at 13h in the Imperial Palace. Prince Lykos will oversee the inauguration and Senator Dios will discuss formalities of the office.

To serve as Akenak of the Empire for a term of one Jena year, Emperor Dexton calls:
Thedon Garus

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

[*] Sunday, 3 October 19:00 GMT

A Fragrant Caravan (13 comments)

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Attention Vassals and friends of the Kingdom!

The caravan containing the fragrant gift for the newly Awakened will leave promptly from Yrkanis gates at 18h on Quarta, Medis 10, 3rd AC 2552(JY)*. Any who wish to aid in the escort of the caravan are welcome to ensure the safe arrival of the gift to the Jen-Laï Research Center.

[*] Saturday 18 September @ 19:00 GMT

Call of the Dagger 2552 (122 comments)

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The Town crier, appointed by Emperor Dexton himself, shouted at the top of his lungs in the city streets of Pyr:

Oren Pyr, Fyros!

Light and warmth are on the Empire! By imperial order, the date of the next elections of Akenak has been determined! They will be held from Tria, Fallenor 9, 3rd AC 2552(JY) until Prima, Pluvia 19, 3rd AC 2552(JY)*! All Fyros Patriot candidates must respect the tradition of the Dagger!

Spread the word, my brothers, Akenak campaigns are now open and applications will be taken by a senator at regular intervals!

Glory to the People, glory to Emperor Dexton!

Thus he continued shouting himself hoarse, in accordance with his duty of town crier, while distributing posters on which were recorded the rules of nomination and election:

Applicants should make daggers to give to Fyros citizens, which are then given on the day of the vote to the officials in charge of the elections! The campaigns are open for the Akenak!

[*] Applications accepted from Friday 10 September at 18:00 GMT until Friday 24 September at 18:00 GMT. Daggers will then be collected from 24 September at 18:00 GMT until Sunday 26 September at 18:00 GMT. An official will be at the Agora in Pyr to receive applications and daggers at regular intervals.

The Awakening (17 comments)

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Mingled with a sense of frustration and satisfaction, Mabreka Cho read the last minutes of the assemblies of Zoraï Circles. He was pleased to see the Zoraï Circles form, but it has now been many years and it is clear that they would prosper more if they were no longer guided. Heralding his calling, he decided it was time to do his duty towards these Initiates ... No, these Awakened who had worked towards enlightenment for the Witherings.

Zoraï'i! Since nearly 20 years of Jena the Zoraï Circles were formed by simple refugees wishing to take things in hand for their people and advance in the paths of wisdom. It is time now to awaken to their true place as guides of our people and for the Zoraï Circles to flourish in the light of Ma-Duk. For me, the rights conferred by the Grand Sage, I shall summon the Initiates to a special meeting of the Zoraï Circles on Tria, Pluvia 21, 1st AC 2552(JY)* to reveal to all that the Initiates, in fact, have always been the Zoraï Circles.

O Atys'o Mayumi, Kami tseu'ito sok Myan ayumi.

[*] Saturday 21 August 19:00 GMT Temple Hall Zora

Curious Phenomenon in the Burning Desert (24 comments)

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It has been brought to the Akenak's attention by the Barkers that disturbances in the bark have been observed which appear to coincide with the destruction of the totems in Frahar Towers. The Barkers wish to make further observations and encourage teams to continue to destroy the totems in Frahar Towers.

According to the observations so far, the epicenter of the disturbances is somewhere towards the center of the Burning Desert. If sufficient data has been collected, Pin Ulyn will lead an expedition to the epicenter of these disturbances on Quinteth, Winderly 11, 1st AC 2552(JY) at 5h* leaving from Northlake Farm Tower. All Patriots and homin wishing to aid the Fyros are welcome.

[*] Saturday 7 August @ 19:00 GMT


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