The Route of the Matter (106 comments)

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The invitation spread by word of mouth to citizens and friends of the Empire that Senator Dios was to hold an assembly on Prima, 1 Medis 2AC 2457 at 20h* at the northern stables in Pyr.

[*] Friday 4th of September, 19GMT. Replay Saturday 5th of September, 02GMT

Erosion of Confidence (262 comments)

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Patriots and Friends of the Burning Desert!

The Akenaks are in need of help in retrieving a lost trade convoy. Warriors and those familiar with the Desert regions are needed in this urgent task. A gathering has been called at the Agora in Pyr at 4h, Nivia 30th of the 1st AC of 2547, and at 0h, Winderly 6th of the 2nd AC of 2547. The Akenaks will give further details at that time*.

The Empire thanks you for your assistance.

[*] saturday august 29th, 7pm GMT, and 2am GMT .

Organised assault against the Kitin (48 comments)

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A call to homins everywhere by a certain Vanila:


I know that many are busy supplying our newly built camps to fight the kitin. And the better supplied the camps are the less Kitin are found in the region.

This is, however, not enough. We need to strike back, all together, all at the same time! Zorai, Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Kamist, Karavaneer, neutral... all united against the Kitin threat!

If you're like me and you have seen these camps, you can doubt their effectiveness, without questioning the strategies of our leaders, I think we should not put all eggs in the same basket.

So far, we have had a few isolated initiatives taking place. killing one group of kitin, two, and a few hours later a new swarm appears.

I want to deal the Kitin of the Depths, infesting the beautiful bark of Atys, a blow so terrible they will never be able to recover! They have come as close as 100m from the gates of Zora and I'm sure other cities and other regions are under threat as well: this is unacceptable!

I therefore propose that in each country in each region armies gather, armed to the teeth, and ready to strike the Kitin simultaneously, so they have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

On the 4th day of Folialy, in the 3rd Atys Cycle of Jena Year 2546 [*], we will strike!

This attack must transcend religions and nationalities. I pray for everyone to gather in one of these four places: the Agora in Pyr, the Yrkanis stage in Yrkanis, Frogmore Place in Fairhaven, or the Grand Plaza in Zora.

It will be hard to coordinate troops all over Atys, in every region. But i call upon every Homin, from any rank or standing, to stand up and fight this Kitin Scourge! If we strike together, there is a good chance we can scare them into being more prudent. In records of previous Kitin attacks we have also seen that a strong counter attack can push them back for a while.

[*] Thursday the 9th of July 2009, at 20h00 Paris Time

Spring, when tents blossomed (120 comments)

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Next part of the chronicle Springs, when tents blossomed of the Erlan Chronicles.

Time has passed and despite the best efforts of harvesters and suppliers, they were struggling to erect the military camps. Patriots, Subjects, Citizens and Initiates worked hard to finish the projects as quickly as possible, but progress was far short of the planning made by the engineers, and the Kitin threat was brewing... Each day, valiant fighters, covered with scars and bruises, fought back the Kitins. However it appeared that, despite their small numbers, the Kitin of the Depths did not want to give up their foothold on the surface.

There were some notable developments that accelerated the progress. Emperor Dexton accepted the help of the Barkers tribe, which aided the completion of the camps in the Burning Desert. In the forest domain of King Yrkanis, the royal botanist Perinia developed new fibers that greatly accelerated the construction of the tents. The Tryker sites received unexpected help from the Silt Sculptors tribe: One morning, builders in Aeden Aqueous saw them come in a long Mektoub caravan loaded with parts that any builder would consider a treasure. As for the sites in the Witherings, the Kamis undoubtedly used their magics to help the Masked People.

These deveopments gave short bursts to the establishment of the military camps, but it was mainly the tenacity of the peoples that managed to construct most of the towers, and saw the first towers and tents completed in the last hours of the 2nd AC 2546.

Erlan, Chronicler
in The Erlan Chronicles, 2546 AC II.

For a Few Dappers More (210 comments)

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Archiver's note: This message was marked to send to O'Duffy Garmer, responsible for the suppliers of the military encampments, built during the "Spring, when tents blossomed" event.

Lordoy nair-O'Duffy Garmer,

I have just inspected the sites and have seen that the work is progressing rapidly. At least as far as Witchy Coves, Resting Water and Twin Tops are concerned... The camps of Loria Ponds and Hush Hole are less advanced. I went there, thinking to find a beer merchant had come to interrupt the Trykers at work, but no, nothing! So i went to the camp builders, and they assured me they were spending long days, without beer or rest, so to speak, waiting for materials and components to be assembled at the warehouse.

I interviewed several vendors, beer in hand, to understand the reasons for the delays supplying the sites furthest from the capital. My small investigation leads me to believe that the road to the most remote camps is a bit... dangerous. Hunting grounds of some large predators, if you know what i mean... So most Mektoub drivers refuse to lead their mount or packer through there, claiming the journey to be too long and dangerous, and the feeding costs too high.

So for the good of the project, I decided to offer something that should motivate people: to accelerate the construction of the camps, I will reward Mektoub drivers who make a delivery with a sum of 10.000 dappers at the time of delivery. This will compensate them for the cost of food for their Mektoubs. "Rest or dappers, you must choose", my uncle Ba'Dairi always used to say!

The carrier of this beautifully written letter (you will appreciate the effort, I hope) shall deliver a small wooden chest, containing enough dappers to pay for deliveries for several days, to the overseer of each camp. They will be resupplied on a regular basis. Note that those dappers may not be spent on anything else!

I leave you to your work,

Ken bai Winni kard sul, yem tala,

Tor Lochi,

Ba'Darins Baksan, 2nd AC 2546

Spring, when flowers bloom (392 comments)

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And so were the similar plans revealed by the leaders. Hominkind seemed willing and able to strengthen its grasp and dominance on the lands chosen for the New Beginning.

Even after two generations, the events and trauma of the Great Swarming was so deeply rooted in the minds of the peoples that, when the leaders announced their scouts reporting unusual Kitin activitiy in the New Lands, the homins reacted immediately.

As this threat was found to be significant, the leaders began the construction of new encampments throughout the territories their peoples had settled more than sixty Jena Years ago to escape the Kitin. It wasn't beofre long that caravans of Mektoub packers, guided by Patriots, Subjects, Citizens and Initiates were making tracks in the New Lands to supplies for the construction of the military encampments being erected across the bark.

Many hands were needed to aid in the construction of the encampments; people to harvest raw materials for defense and construction and people to transport the heavy packages to the construction sites. The representatives overseeing the work were quickly approached by homins eager to help with the construction of the camps. Patriots went to speak to Abytheus Abygrain on Cheapside Market in Pyr, Anibro Listy near the stables in Yrkanis was the destination for Matis Subjects, Baksan Ba'Darins at the entrance of Fairhaven gave direction to Citizens and Ba-Ci Du near the Zora stables instructed Zoraï Initiates.

Transcripts of the speeches of the Emperor, the King, the Governor and the Grand Sage

Erlan, Chronicler
in The Erlan Chronicles, 2546 AC I.

OOC: You can follow the progress of the building of the encampments here:

Assembling the peoples (324 comments)

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In autumn of the 1st AC in 2546*, the leaders of the four peoples were each seeking to assemble their people. Thus it was that during that time, the town criers of the Desert Empire, of the Forest Kingdom, of the Federation of New Trykoth and of the Theocracy of the Witherings called for all homins to gather.

Following the announcements, Patriots, Subjects, Citizens, Initiates and non-citizens of all races met their respective leaders at the same time*, converging on the Agora in Pyr, the Yrkanis Stage, Fairhaven's Frogmore Place and the Grand Place of Zora.

Even though none of the announcers gave reason for the meetings, rumor ran rampant across the bark of Atys. The activities of the imperial, royal, federal and dynastic agents gave reason to believe that the leaders were, each on their own, working on comparable projects and would be calling for their peoples' help and good will in short time.

Erlan, Chronicler

[*] Saturday, 13 June 2009, 7PM GMT.

The new REZ Vol 1 Issue 2 June 2009 available! (68 comments)

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Since we have another Event coming our way - Betrayal in the Senate - I offer you the latest issue of REZ to supplement your storyline needs!

I hope you enjoy these wonderful stories. This issue features the writings of:
  • Thosam
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- Sui

PS: Special thanks to Inifuss for being a second pair of eyes during the creation of this issue. Thanks Ini!


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