Expedition to known Fyros Kitin sites (90 comments)

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Oren Pyr,

Following the wish of the Imperial Palace, I have the honor to invite not only the citizens of the Empire, but all interested homins for an expedition to known Kitin sites in the Burning desert. The goal will be to collect samples of the kitins that can be found there for further analysis of their strange and threatening behavior.
Please be aware that the expedition will be most dangerous. We will be in need of well-trained fighters and magicians. We will meet at [ooc: Thursday, September 6th, 19:00 GMT / 21:00 CET] in front of the Cerakos Gate in Pyr.

Oren Fyrai,
Daeronn Cegrips,
Scientist and author of the "Daeronn Kitin Theory"

Royal Invitation (66 comments)

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Attention Matis subjects and Karvan followers!

The day of great happiness that we have all been waiting has finally arrived! Jena, progenitor of all life, extends her countless benefits upon Matis! The flowering period has finally arrived for Stevano-Karin, only son of Yrkanis-Karan, Jena's chosen one, and Lea Leanardi-Kerae.

On this day of infinite happiness and glory, under the protection of our beloved Goddess, all Matis subjects and Karavan followers are invited to join in the festivities.

Stevano-Karin's marriage to Fillia Taloa will be held on Prima, Medis 19, 2nd AC 2557(JY) at the Knoll of Dissent in a beautiful grove of birches to the west of Dryland Gate Stronghold. The wedding procession will leave Yrkanis from the city gates promptly at 9h - Prima, Medis 19, 2nd AC 2557(JY)*.

In a refreshing break from Matis tradition, it is requested that guests wear all green clothing. The wedding ensembles for the bride and groom have been designed by Meagon.

Jena Aiye! Yrkanis Aiye!

[*] Saturday, 27 August @ 20:00 UTC

2556 Election Results (163 comments)

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Senator Dios Apotheps announced the results of the elections with a hint of pride. The Emperor could be proud of his people.

Empire of the Burning Desert

At this year's elections Jena 2556, Patriots voted according to the ancient tradition of The Dagger and chose their Akenak. The seventh session of Akenak will meet at 20h - Prima, Thermis 13, 4th AC 2556(JY) * in the Imperial Palace. Regent Lykos will oversee the inauguration and Senator Dios will discuss formalities of the office.

To serve as Akenak of the Empire for a term of one Jena year, Emperor Dexton calls:

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

[*] Sunday, 24 July @ 01:00 UTC

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Refugee Days (265 comments)

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The Refugee Days celebration will soon be here! This is the time that we celebrate having made the perilous journey to secure our future in the new lands and explore the past of our ancient history. Following are some of the special events lined up for Refugee Days*.

Gubunnies: Docile gubunnies appear to spawn about every 5 Jena years and are known to leave special gifts wrapped in decorated yber eggs in random locations throughout the lands. These special gifts are a boon to all homins and therefore, Refugee Days coincides with their spawn. It is unknown where these gubunnies come from and what their plan might be, but whatever it is it can't be bad! Can it?

Scenic Challenges: Exploring is the wanderlust skill that all refugees posses. Without this desire to seek and learn many discoveries would have been left unknown. Throughout the celebration, you can test your visual knowledge of the flora, fauna and landmarks of Atys with 4 different challenges. The level 1 challenge has you searching for Wa Ji-Do throughout the "calmer" regions of Atys starting in Zora. The level 2 challenge starts in Pyr as you hunt for Zekollo through the wilds of the lesser used regions of Atys. Yrkanis is the start of the level 3 challenge where Bevaldo tests your skills in the more formidable areas of Atys. Thoddan's search, the level 4 challenge, starts in Fairhaven and takes you to the most arduous locations on the surface of Atys. To begin a challenge look for the first hint near a city tourist guide. You can only participate in each challenge one time. For all that finish any of the challenges a special gift will be rewarded. An additional surprise will be given to the homin that finishes each level first.

Celebration Outfitter: Don't miss your opportunity to receive a special outfit made especially for the Refugee Days celebration. An outfitter will be traveling around Atys to make 10 lucky homins signature refugee gear. During the celebration the outfitter will oversee various games to determine the winners.

Corrah Egg Hunt: Unravel an ancient folklore tale of Borrah and her daughter Corrah as the tale is recreated for your pleasure. In this modern variation, Corrah's nest has been looted and it is your job to help locate all her eggs and find the one responsible for this dastardly deed!

Petting Zoo: All refugees learn quickly that recognizing the aggressive and non-aggressive creatures can mean the difference between a pleasant stroll and resurrection sickness. Due to the nature of of the agressive critters, we rarely get to see their most striking features, at least not for long. That will soon change as the Magical Menagerie has returned to Atys, in miniature! Check out cute and cuddly pet-sized versions of the most fearsome beasts of Atys.
Disclaimer: Management not responsible for possible damage to homin or property.

[*] 22 - 25 April

Schedule of Events:
  • Miniature Magical Menagerie
  • Celebration Outfitter - Random
  • Scenic Challenges
Friday, 22 April
  • Corrah Egg Hunt 20:00 GMT
Saturday, 23 April
  • Scheduled Event 20:00 GMT
Sunday, 24 April
  • Scheduled Event 20:00 GMT

Fighting Fire With Fire (25 comments)

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Kara, my mother,

I apologize for the brevity of this letter, mother, but time passes swiftly. Time is against me now as I finalize my plans and observe my orders being carried out. We prepare to break camp soon*.

Father, our King, orders that we carry on quickly and I find myself obliged to agree. We will put the plan into action, we march to reclaim our lands.

This will be the last letter I will be able to write before my return. Triumph or fail; the time has finally come. The end is upon us.

Your loving son,

[*] Saturday, 9 April @ 20:00 GMT at Zachini Ward

Flaming Seed of the Forest (32 comments)

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Kara, my mother,


Jena spoke to me of a most grandiose idea, but I cannot speak of it in this letter because I do not know if izams are being intercepted. Father our King has studied my proposal, accepted it, and has ordered me to execute it as soon as possible. I will summon the Subjects and our "allies" to explain what will be needed to put this plan in place.*

I long to see you, but duty calls me to more important things than my own desires.

Your loving son,
Stevano - Karin

[*] Saturday, 26 March @ 20:00 GMT at Zachini Ward


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