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The phenomenon known as "resurrection" is now a part of the everyday life of homins, and especially of the ones who venture far away from the cities. It is a service provided by the Powers, the Karavan and the Kamis, only to hominkind.

Their help on this benefit is to all homins, whether they are loyal to the Karavan or to the Kamis, whether they are sovereigns or villains, everyone may be called back from the brink of death and revived by one of the two Powers. It has recently been proven that Marauders themselves benefit from this service, without it yet being known which of the Powers raises up these landless warriors.

The word "resurrection," although commonly used, seems a bit improper since the process does not truly revive a body that life has left. In fact it only allows a homin in a deep comatose state, considered as dead by some, to be restored.

Whether through the Karavan or the Kami, the "resurrection" allows an injured, dying, or considered by his companions as dead homin, to be removed from the place where he fell and to be treated intensively while being teleported to a place of revival.

Some of the most distinguished homin scholars believe that the resurrection done by the Powers, and especially the one offered by the Kamis, could be linked with a healing spell, such as the ones that homin mages use, but much more powerful, with the ability to repair damage that should normally be fatal. Nevertheless, this treatment is not without consequence, and given Homin physiology this almost invariably produces disorders of memory and learning during the following days. In order to counter this involuntary effect, the Powers lend a strong hand to their most loyal servants by means of accepting offerings for magical pacts which sharpen theirs skills until the effect has worn off.

Nonetheless, resurrection can heal tissues or bones only if they have suffered a violent trauma; to this day, neither the Karavan nor the Kamis have ever demonstrated the ability to reverse or stop aging or disease. It also seems powerless to cure damage produced by Goo, and examples of documented and reviewable cases are rare. Sage Sorrow is the most well-known case of Homin contamination by Goo.

However, despite the protection granted by the Karavan and the Kamis, it appears that resurrection has some limitations. In the case where damage is caused by too many or too violent injuries, it may happen that the Powers cannot restore the injured homin. Some scholars have also pointed out the vulnerability of the Life Seed and have started a long list of wounded homins never revived by the Kamis nor the Karavan. Whatever the reason, many homins in our recent history have not been resurrected by the Powers; among them can be found several leaders and soldiers, as well as the more humble hawker, the adventurous scholar, or the careless botanist.

Tao Sian, Dynastic Healer, "Treatise on Resurrection" 2572.

The Gingo Who Ate the Sun (1266 comments)

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The Gingo Who Ate the Sun

One Atysmas evening, a yubo was chasing after snowflakes when it heard someone weeping.
As it got closer it discovered a baby gingo.

The meek yubo was prepared to scamper off, but the baby was crying, crying...

Even if it was a gingo, and even if in other times they would have been enemies, it was Atysmas evening, and the yubo just couldn't stand seeing someone sad on such a day.

But it wasn't about to let itself be munched on either, so it formulated an idea.

It retraced its footsteps and retrieved some capryni horns it had seen laying on the forest floor.

The yubo tied them on its head with a slaveni liana, and hid the knots with a bit of red fiber that the wind had brought.
Then, in this disguise, it introduced itself to the gingo and said that it was the emissary of Atysmas.
"I've heard your sorrow on this evening when all should be smiling," it told the gingo.
"Tell me what is making you miserable!"

The gingo choked back its tears, surprised by the apparition.
It explained, "I've eaten the sun! Now there will be no more daylight!"
The gingo continued, "I was born in the first rays of dawn,
I played for the whole morning in the snow.
Then I found a big tree full of light.
I jumped and jumped to catch all the lights,
knocking all of them down,
and when the last one fell,
the night came..."

The yubo thought hard. It then had another idea.
It explained to the gingo that, by breaking the Atysmas lights, it had offended the Festival Kami.
But, in order to fix the affront, it had to do exactly what it was told to.
The gingo, delighted to get a chance redeem itself, promised to the Atysmas yubo to do everything it would be told.

Then the yubo led it through the forest, to the foot of the Rotoa, where the buzzing of a hive could be heard.
Since the Rotoa blooms even during winter, the bees were still busy making their sweet honey.
The yubo instructed, "Tell your story to the bees and convince them to give you honey in order to make the sun reappear!"
The gingo spoke so well and the bees enjoyed her story so much that they brought her a huge honeycomb.

"Don't lose it, we're now going to the desert," said the yubo.
They traveled to the flaming forest, where the Bothaya heat up the atmosphere.
The yubo told the gingo to spread the honey on one of the young sprouts,
over and over again. As the gingo completed her task, she became all sticky.
But on the sprout, because of the heat, the honey cooked and hardened.
Then, with a stroke of its teeth, the yubo cut the cane and took it.

Then they navigated to the lakes. There the yubo had the gingo collect many shells of all colors.

Then they trekked to the Jungle and the yubo had the gingo shake the caramelized honey stick. Soon fireflies arrived, attracted by the smell, many of them getting stuck in the gingo's tacky fur.

"Now, to the Atysmas tree!" the yubo cried.

Quickly, they returned to the forest.
The gingo jumped and jumped and jumped to hang up the shells she had gathered in the tree.
The fireflies enjoyed making them sparkle.
The baked honey cane released a sweet perfume.
The gingo looked at the new shining decorations.
The yubo smiled, very pleased with itself.

And then the sun started again to pulse.
They had been running all night through the lands to decorate the tree!

From that day on the yubos began wearing disguises during Atysmas and Atysmas canes became symbols of the celebration!

Legend told by Lutrykin during Atysmas Story telling, 3nd CA 2576.

The Legend of the Ghost Yubo (1217 comments)

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The Legend of the Ghost Yubo

Here is the tale of the Ghost Yubo.

Long, long, long ago in the Old Lands, yubos were not as weak as they are now. They were little (and sometimes not so little) balls of fury if you angered them. Their urine was so potent it could eat holes in your boots.

But they were not so strong that they could not be brought down by homins and used for food and the crafting of useful items.

But as years went on the yubos became weaker. Over time homins only used them for target practice and did not bother to quarter the bodies for materials as they had before and the yubo bodies were left to rot.

One season during Anlor Winn, the evil wind blew upon a dying yubo and filled it with malevolent purpose. The yubo rose up as bones and he fled to where the wind issued from the spirit world and entered there.

The next time the Anlor Winn blew, the little Ghost Yubo came back into the world. As it wandered the bark, it took flesh from the corpses of slain yubos and grew stronger, then returned to the spirit world.

Each Anlor Winn the Ghost Yubo would return to add more flesh to its bones. Over time the Ghost Yubo grew stronger and stronger, and larger and larger, but the bones still showed through the flesh it took.

Finally its power grew so great that it could make other yubos look like itself when the Anlor Winn blew. You have all seen this, no?

Sometimes it sends minions, little copies of itself, out to gather other yubos and bring them to the Ghost Yubo, who will absorb them into its being so that it can grow ever larger.

Sometimes these minions will attack other creatures as well, even homins!

In the season of Anlor Winn, beware of yubos! The Ghost Yubo is out there... waiting.

Legend told by an Old Tryker during Anlor Winn Story Tales in the 3rd CA of 2575.

Free Trade Agreement of 2516 (589 comments)

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Free Trade Agreement of 2516

In the month of Mystia of the second cycle of the Jena year of 2516, a summit was called to launch a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The aim of the FTA was to bring down racial and territorial barriers throughout the New Lands and create a synergy among hominkind to enable the four civilizations to continue their growth. It therefore proved to be a solid foundation for building future prosperity as well as interracial understanding.

The agreement grants crafters and merchants of every nation the right to operate in serenity on an international scale independent of divergences in religious beliefs and practices.

The FTA being signed at Hoï-Cho was significant in that it marked a turning point in Zoraï history and their shedding the protectionist precepts of their forefathers. The FTA entered into force on the 1st of Winderly in the 3rd cycle of 2516, and reads as follows:


Representatives of the four peoples that constitute the homin race,

Desiring to promote international exchanges and promote race relations,

Recognizing the need for strong bonds of friendship across the homin nations,

Believing in the necessity of competitive markets to bring innovation, growth and improvement,

Believing fair commercial competition improves quality and raises standards of living,

Desiring to strengthen homin development in the face of natural adversity,

Recognizing a need to establish a network of secured intercontinental trade routes,

Recognizing the necessity to establish a base pricing system to allow homins at greater liberty in comparing items,

Appreciating the need for the exchange of techniques to better the homin chances of progress as a whole,

Have come together to agree on the following points :

Article 1 : Establishment of Free Trade zone

1.1 The parties affirm their equal rights to buy and sell throughout the new territories of the desert, lake lands, forest and jungle, which henceforth become a free trade zone
1.2 Merchants shall respect the law of the land
1.3 The parties shall ensure that the necessary measures are taken to maintain and secure trade routes for easy safe travel

Article 2 : The fixing of rates

2.1 A trade pool shall be established on each continent whereby all homins may propose their crafts and wares
2.2 A minimum price shall be established for items placed in a pool.
2.3 A common retail price shall be established within each pool to ensure an equitable system of commerce

Article 3 : Rules of Origin

3.1 No member shall tolerate the trade of products detrimental to another state or to the environment
3.2 Goo-based products shall be strictly prohibited and each state shall make every effort to dissuade its trade and transport
3.3 Every manufactured article shall bear the name or mark of its state of origin

Article 4 : Customs and duties

4.1 No signatory member state of the FTA shall raise tariffs independently or adopt any customs duty on goods travelling in or out of the territory
4.2 No signatory member state of the FTA may grant exclusive trade rights to another member nation nor prejudice the rights of another member
4.3 Each member state shall eliminate barriers, turnpikes to facilitate cross-border movement of homins and goods
4.4 Each member state shall grant temporary admission to goods free of duty

Article 5 : The Commission

The Free Trade Commission is set up to oversee the proper execution of the FTA. This Commission is headed by two members of each race from the following professional guilds : the Carriers (Zoraï), Trail Blazers (Fyros), Free Merchants (Matis), Hawkers (Tryker). Presidency shall be passed on every Atysian cycle on the first day of Winderly. The first presidency shall be held by the Zoraïs.
The Commission shall:
5.1 supervise and implement this agreement;
5.2 oversee its further elaboration;
5.3 seek to settle individual disputes and claims and facilitate trade relations;
5.4 meet at least once a year and maintain correspondence at least once a month
and preserve race relations;
5.5 impose fines on homins in breach of the agreement

[All] Reconstruction of the Kitin Observation Camps (918 comments)

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The young pearl diver looked over to the large mound of fresh soil mixed with debris of broken bark on the close-by island, her heart full of anger. Again and again and again! Why couldn't they just leave us alone?! She clenched her fists. Well, if these bloody bugs wanted trouble, they would get trouble! She remembered the Second Swarm well, even though she had been much younger. Too young to fight, her older brother had said to her. But if they attacked this time no one would keep her from kicking some Kitin ass! She looked at the Lor-Lopper Axe in her pack. Well, maybe with a little help.

Ba'Doppy Aemie's gaze wandered again to the Kitin mound on the neighboring island. Was it just imagination or could she really feel the bark tremble beneath her feet? How many Kitins were digging their way through the ground at the very moment she was here, staying hidden behind a small but dense bamboo thicket? With that thought her heart pounded and she shivered in dread.

Maybe her uncle was right. He often told her about the Kitin observation camps he had helped build in the 2540's. They had been manned by small groups of skilled fighters and had kept the Kitins in check for a long time, reporting to the capitals about the movement of Kitin forces. She had heard travelers reminiscing about these camps recently when she was selling her pearls on the market in Crystabell. They had really wanted to rebuild those camps!

She bit her lower lip. If they did ... maybe she could help somehow ... she wasn't a good digger but she was fast and strong and had learned how to sneak around Cloppers, Goaris and even small Kinchers! A cold chill ran down her spine as a big Kipucka sent his roar echoing across the waves. Slowly she crawled backwards from her hiding place and returned to Crystabell.

Only a few days later, the leaders of all four Nations of the homin peoples called for hominity to rebuild the camps once again.

(OOC: Dear Players,
Beginning on Tuesday, 1st October, you will have the possibility to rebuild the Kitin observation camps again. For each country there is a central building camp where you can get the missions for this event. Here are the locations of the building camps:

  • Fyros: Fourways, west of Pyr (Imperial Dunes)
  • Matis: Southeast of the Matis Arena (Majestic Garden)
  • Tryker: South of Greenvale Trading post, west of Fairhaven (Liberty Lake)
  • Zorai: West of Still Waters (Cities of Intuition)

In these central camps you can accept different missions for the six construction sites. This includes both collecting mission materials and transporting them to where they are needed. Please be aware that the sites where you can find the materials may not be safe for lone harvesters. It is recommended to go there in groups.
The missions will reward you with Civilization Faction Points.)

[Karavan] Karavan Congregation (739 comments)

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Karavan Congregation

The Karavan calls the community of the believers in Jena to congregate! We wish to celebrate the completion of the Karavan outposts of Yrkanis and Fairhaven and honor those who contributed the most to this mission.

The ceremony will take place at the Karavan outpost west of Yrkanis on Frutor 26th, in the 3rd Atys Cycle of Jena's Year 2574*.

It will be presided over by His Majesty Karan Stevano and the Prelates of Light of the Verdant Heights and of Aeden Aqueous themselves.

May the light of Jena shine upon you.

[*] Wednesday, August 28th, 19h GMT

[Event] Kitin threat on capitals (206 comments)

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Kitin threat on capitals

A missive arrived to the General of the Imperial Army:

From: Ulyros Xydos, Captain of the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards
To: Icaphotis Dylidus, General of the Imperial Army
Status: urgent
Subject: weekly report

Germinally 7, 3rd AC, 2574(JY)

Oren pyr General,

As requested by the allied Zoraï Theocracy to the Imperial Court and cooperatively answered by the sharükos and the Imperial Senate, my contingent and I have traveled to Zora, the capital of the Witherings, as Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards.

Following your orders to cooperate with the Guard of the Theocracy, we joined our forces.
Fyros, as well as Zoraï, Anti-Kitin Reinforcement troops are now defending all entrances of the Zoraï capital and are patrolling the city.

I ordered my company to keep up extreme vigilance and they carry out their duties with utmost accuracy and motivation. I explained to them that since the great kitin assaults at Yrkanis and Pyr some weeks ago, the Zoraï Theocracy has founded concerns that Zora might be the next target of a major kitin assault during the following weeks.

The Sages of the Zoraï Theocracy informed me that brave fighters among the homin population could be rewarded with a title if they deliver special kitin material to the Kitin Observer.

I've heard that Patriots of the Empire were working diligently to offer numerous burning weapons to Initiates of the Theocracy in exchange for electric ones. I don't know yet if the convoy will be organized soon, maybe you'll have an answer from the akenak assembly before my next report.

General, a few minutes ago the Sages of the Zoraï Theocracy informed me that due to some kami evidence (which the Sages did not further explain to me) they expect "very aggressive kitin activity" before the end of Mystia (*).

Ma-Duk shall be with us! The kitins may attack any time, the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards will stand their ground.

Oren fyraï,
Ulyros Xydos,
Fyros Captain of the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards, Zora

This event will occur before the month of September. Further reports will furnish event details.
This will be an action event, fighting gear is recommended. During this event players will have the opportunity to gain the title of "Zoraï Guardian" by collecting Kitin tokens which can be delivered to the Kitin Observer of the capital.

[Chronicle] Teleportation Sickness (270 comments)

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Teleportation Sickness

Standing still, the mektoub was patiently waiting. It knew from experience just how long its mistress could remain in this place, almost motionless, letting only a sweet melody with soothing powers slip through her lips.
As I watched the mount, lulled by the Zoraï's chant, I too was half hypnotized by the surreal lights sparking from the magnificent white and orange temple interwined with harmonious roots, whose delicate and majestic summit seemed to reach for the sky.
It was the first of the Dynastic Healer's outings since her bed confinement a few weeks before and Tao Sian took advantage of the nice spring morning during the second cycle of Folially of the year 2574, to walk to Zora's temple. I, her young scribe, took care in escorting her and quietly watched her in her still fragile health. As I sat there, not far from her mount, dozing off to the wispering of her gentle voice...

"Ochi Kami no!" The male voice startled me!

Opening my eyes I saw a tall figure, coming from I do not know where, praying next to the Healer.

"Ochi Kami no!" echoed Tao Sian, following with a respectful, "Kamia'ata, Sage Sens."

Without thinking, I took my writing kit upon my knees, and began to write down the conversation as accurately as possible.

"Ata'Kami, Tao. How are you feeling?"

"By the grace of the Kamis, I'm feeling better. But having to undergo several teleportations in so little time, when even a single one makes me sick for several days... I hope never to experience again such a thing. But I had no choice. The infected rangers, the ones from the Almati Woods Kitin lair, they needed my help! And they will need it again..."

I felt the anxiety in her voice and after a bit of hesitancy she added: "Why do the Kamis inflict me this trial every time? Am I not devoted enough?"

The Sage sat silent, his deep gaze seemed to probe the Dynastic Healer's soul. "Your question is both legitimate and filled with anxiety, Tao. I could give you an answer but the answer would not be yours. It is important that you seek the answer yourself. Question yourself, Tao. You have perfected your healing skill but yet you do not know how to heal yourself."

Tao Sian sighed, "By Kami, I need the answer! I have tried to reason with myself to overcome my fear of teleportation as I went to treat the Goo contaminated Rangers; it was my duty as a healer. But look where it led me! Many weeks of headaches and irritability to everything around me. Dare I look homins in the eyes? What of the Rangers?"

It was then that Sage Sens placed a soothing hand on Tao's shoulder, "Do not close your heart, Tao. Homins know your value and trust you, trust them in return."

With these wisdom filled words, the Sage turned and quitely left Tao Sian to her meditations.

Excerpt from Volume 1, "In the Shadow of Tao Sian", written in the winter of 2574 by the scribe Kuangi Wu Shi. Available in the public library of the Temple of Knowledge.

The Second Great Swarm! (355 comments)

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We face a situation as terrible as the one our ancestors faced in the Ancient Lands!
On Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th), Hominty will leave Pyr to follow the path of Exodus.

The Leaders of the Nation met and spoke of the second swarm :

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • We must face a situation as terrible as the one our ancestors faced in the Ancient Lands!
  • Every day, Kitin forces are growing, surrounding our towns, threatening our capital cities, even with the protection of the Karavan and the Kamis.
  • Even if the name makes everyone shiver, we have to name this disaster we are witnessing a Second Great Swarm!

Ailan Mac'Kean Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • Don't lose hope, don't feel alone or left behind!
  • Together, we will face this terrible threat, united as one people, one Hominkind!
  • Together, all Nations and Higher Powers have decided to set aside their differences, and fight united! To survive extinction!

Decalion Krilus (in the name of Lykos for the Fyros people) Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • Tribesmen and townfolks have all found some shelter in the capital cities, but this is not enough anymore.
  • Fortifications built by the Higher Powers around Zora, Fairhaven and Yrkanis show signs of weakening.
  • It's only a matter of days, or hours, before they fall.
  • Only the barriers around Pyr are holding, and they are our last hope.
  • Pyr's gates will welcome all Homins, so that we can survive together!

Stevano Speaks :

  • Homins !
  • Yes, we must abandon our lands, our houses and yes our beloved kingdom.
  • Yes, we must all go to Pyr, the last stronghold of Hominity, and, starting from there, follow the path of Exodus.
  • The Karavan, which make strongholds of our capital cities, will fight at our side again!
  • But be certain... We will come back here, and get back what's ours !
  • We will reconquer our lands, rebuild our houses, and see our nations flourish to a Golden Age that they have never known before!
  • Stevano And the light of the Kingdom will shine all over Atys, under the benevolant eye of the Goddess!

Mabreka Speaks :

  • Homins !
  • The Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th), Hominty will leave Pyr to follow the path of Exodus.
  • This will be a very dangerous travel, and we will need strong arms to protect the refugees.
  • We can count on the Kamis, which have already transformed Pyr and Zora into strongholds, to fight with us!
  • We will get to the secret kami oasis, the only place on the New lands where kitins can't go without dying.

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • The Rangers will help Homins to get into the Oasis while the Higher Powers and some brave homins will contain the Kitins!
  • Every second will count, you will have to climb the dreadful cliff leading to the shelter, but we know the way, and we will show you!

Kegan Speaks :

  • The secret Kami Oasis is the safest place, but far too small for all of us to survive there.
  • Elias will open a Rainbow to guide us to the Ancient Lands, in a safehaven where no kitin has ever set foot.
  • Indeed, thanks to the efforts of Trytonist homins, materials needed to create a Rainbow have been gathered inside the Oasis and the guild of Elias is ready to activate it.
  • Join us at the Oasis, and we will send you to a secret safe place in the Ancient Lands!

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • The day when the New Lands will be safe for living again, you will find the path to Silan on your own, we will set up our camp there again, so that you can go back to the New Lands.
  • This day shall come! and you will take back what you lost, and rebuild your houses.
  • The Kitin may have won this battle, but not the war!

Decalion Krilus Speaks :

  • Take your mektoubs, pack your belongings and go to Pyr!
  • Then Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th) we will all leave together

Akilia Ash Storm Speaks :

  • Marauders from the new lands!
  • Don't follow those cowards who chose fleeing over fighting!
  • Stay here, hold your ground, show us what you are capable of, as we did during the first Great Swarm.
  • Survive, and Melkiar will acknowledge your clans.
  • Survive and you'll become TRUE Marauders.

Also available in: Atom