A Prickly Fern (219 comments)

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Kara, my mother,

I could not come to see you before leaving the palace earlier in the day and I wish to apologize. Can you forgive me? Father our King has specific orders for me which must be executed without delay.

That snake Yene explained to me the contents of my mission, which is highly important. Now I must inform our subjects and our allies*.

Your loving son,

[*] Monday, 14 March at 00:00 GMT Zachini Ward, Yrkanis for Matis and Allies

Fear and Pestilence (296 comments)

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A light breeze blows through the jungle, scented with the fragrance of the Jayazengs plant. Appearing through the brush is a sinister-looking, arrogant Zoraï, fouling the air with his putrid, acrid odor. The smell is so disturbing that the torbak's hunt is interrupted and the igaras' flight become even more erratic.

Nearby, a tribal leader sniffs the breeze and instinctively moves his hand toward his sword. "Gather a hunting party*, any who are willing. There is something rotten here," he orders his second.

[*] Wednesday, 9 March 00:00 GMT Zora Stables

Shalah's Complaint (18 comments)

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Once strong and resilient as the shalah, Emperor Dexton's condition has confined him to the bedchamber with hardly any energy or strength. The antidote procured by Tao Sian, Zoraï healer, has offered little comfort to Emperor Dexton. Tao Sian believes that she has identified Dexton's ailment to be the rare malady known as the Decline of Enlightenment. This lethal condition has not been seen in many years and Tao's knowledge of a cure is limited. Therefore, Tao Sian requests the aid of all homins to search for the cure. Seek out those around Atys that would offer information and update the knowledge board at the Pyr Academy with information obtained about the disease and cure.

Akenak Campaigns and Election 2554 (239 comments)

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The Town crier shouted at the top of his lungs in the city streets of Pyr:

Oren Pyr, Fyros!

Light and warmth are on the Empire! By imperial order, the date of the next elections of Akenak has been determined! They will be held from Dua, Winderly 26, 3rd AC 2554(JY) until Holeth, Mystia 6, 3rd AC 2554(JY)*! All Fyros Patriot candidates must respect the tradition of the Dagger!

Spread the word, my brothers, Akenak campaigns are now open and applications will be taken by a senator at regular intervals!

Glory to the People, glory to the Empire!

Thus he continued shouting himself hoarse, in accordance with his duty of town crier, while distributing posters on which were recorded the rules of nomination and election:

Applicants should make daggers to give to Fyros citizens, which are then given on the day of the vote to the officials in charge of the elections! The campaigns are open for the Akenak!

[*] Applications accepted from Friday 4 February at 18:00 GMT until Friday 18 February at 18:00 GMT. Daggers will then be collected from 18 February at 18:00 GMT until Sunday 20 February at 18:00 GMT. An official will be at the Agora in Pyr to receive applications and daggers at regular intervals.

Zoraï Hope (111 comments)

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Healer Tao Sian will await her escort from Zora to Pyr at the Grand-Place in Zora to bring her curative compound for Emperor Dexton on Holeth, Germinally 18, 3rd AC 2554(JY) at 14h *. In order to not be surprised by the ferocious beasts that plague the areas the escort will pass, please bring proper attire and defensive weapons. The road will be long and the danger real.

Wan Fai-Du, disciple of Sage Sorrow.

[*] Saturday, 5 February at 20:00 GMT

The Flowering Period (147 comments)

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Matis Subjects and Followers of the Karavan,

Under authorization of Queen Lea Lenardi, the Queens Court will be accepting petitions for the future bride of the esteemed Prince Stevano. Petitions will be taken at the tournament at the Matis Arena scheduled on Germinally, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[*]. The tournament will be overseen by the Matis Nobles and is open to all Vassals and Karavan followers both homin and homine.

A ball will be sponsored in honor of Karan and the Prince, before the Rotoa near Avalae. This event will showcase the beauty and elegance of the supreme Matis refinement and will entail a dance contest. To assure that all petitioners, chaperones, Subjects and interested guests are properly educated in ballroom decorum, Queen Lea has instructed her court to hold a course on Folially, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[**] with the ball to be held on Harvestor, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[#] and is open to any Matis Vassal as well as all of the Karavan.

In addition, a competition for Matis Subjects or followers of the Karavan designers will also be held on Mystia, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[$]. Designers are asked to make ensembles for a bride and/or groom befitting the Royal family. The winning designs must be of q10 and contain no less than two forest pattern pieces. Designers must furnish their own models for the fashion show. The two best designed, determined by the Court, will be declared the winners and their designs will be worn on the wedding day of Prince Stevano and each will earn a VIP seating at the Royal wedding as well as a design knitted by the Queen herself.

The final selection for the Karin's bride will be made on Nivia, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[$$] after a demonstration of vocal expression composed by each candidate for Princess. After the choice of Princess has been determined a Royal wedding will be planned.

Jena Ayie, Yrkanis Aye!

[*] Saturday, 5 February at 20:00 GMT
[**] Sunday, 6 February at 20:00 GMT
[#] Saturday, 12 February at 20:00 GMT
[$] Saturday, 19 February at 20:00 GMT
[$$] Sunday, 20 February at 20:00 GMT

A Turn of the Head (17 comments)

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Oren Pyr, Patriots.

It is with deepest urgency and respect that I call on you to attend a most important event this day. The very roots of the Empire have been shaken and we fear for the worst. Though all hope is not lost we must act to assure the future of the Fyros Nation. The most esteemed wife of sharükos, sharükos Xania, beseeches the Senate to assemble once more and in unity attend to the rites. In unity, she beseeches the citizens of the Fyros Nation to attend the assemblage at the Agora in Pyr on Tria, Fallenor 27, 2nd AC 2554(JY)* and bear witness to these rites. For only in unity can we stand strong and weather this storm in these ominous times.

Cal i Akash!
Dios Apotheps

[*] Saturday, 29 January at 19:00 GMT

Peaceful Resolutions (21 comments)

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Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying your retirement in the Burning Desert. The Lakes are as beautiful as ever and, as usual, I can be found enjoying the sunsets with my dearest at one of the many waterfalls.

I had hoped to propose to my love this past Atysmas. Unfortunately, the disturbance between two tribes has left my mercantile business in a bit of a shambles and I have not been able to procure the dappers or resources needed to obtain the engagement ring she fancies.

I will be returning to Fairhaven to purchase some new packers and go through my remaining storage to see if there is anything I can salvage. I fear that it will all be for nothing if the situation between the rival tribes is not sorted out quickly. I think I will ask for help of the homins I meet in Fairhaven upon my return. *

Your loving son,
Ba'Tylos Eoffer

[*] Sunday, 9 January at 20:00 GMT


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