[Event] Kitin threat on capitals

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Kitin threat on capitals

A missive arrived to the General of the Imperial Army:

From: Ulyros Xydos, Captain of the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards
To: Icaphotis Dylidus, General of the Imperial Army
Status: urgent
Subject: weekly report

Germinally 7, 3rd AC, 2574(JY)

Oren pyr General,

As requested by the allied Zoraï Theocracy to the Imperial Court and cooperatively answered by the sharükos and the Imperial Senate, my contingent and I have traveled to Zora, the capital of the Witherings, as Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards.

Following your orders to cooperate with the Guard of the Theocracy, we joined our forces.
Fyros, as well as Zoraï, Anti-Kitin Reinforcement troops are now defending all entrances of the Zoraï capital and are patrolling the city.

I ordered my company to keep up extreme vigilance and they carry out their duties with utmost accuracy and motivation. I explained to them that since the great kitin assaults at Yrkanis and Pyr some weeks ago, the Zoraï Theocracy has founded concerns that Zora might be the next target of a major kitin assault during the following weeks.

The Sages of the Zoraï Theocracy informed me that brave fighters among the homin population could be rewarded with a title if they deliver special kitin material to the Kitin Observer.

I've heard that Patriots of the Empire were working diligently to offer numerous burning weapons to Initiates of the Theocracy in exchange for electric ones. I don't know yet if the convoy will be organized soon, maybe you'll have an answer from the akenak assembly before my next report.

General, a few minutes ago the Sages of the Zoraï Theocracy informed me that due to some kami evidence (which the Sages did not further explain to me) they expect "very aggressive kitin activity" before the end of Mystia (*).

Ma-Duk shall be with us! The kitins may attack any time, the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards will stand their ground.

Oren fyraï,
Ulyros Xydos,
Fyros Captain of the Anti-Kitin Reinforcement Guards, Zora

This event will occur before the month of September. Further reports will furnish event details.
This will be an action event, fighting gear is recommended. During this event players will have the opportunity to gain the title of "Zoraï Guardian" by collecting Kitin tokens which can be delivered to the Kitin Observer of the capital.