The Second Great Swarm!

The Exodus to the Ancient Lands
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We face a situation as terrible as the one our ancestors faced in the Ancient Lands!
On Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th), Hominty will leave Pyr to follow the path of Exodus.

The Leaders of the Nation met and spoke of the second swarm :

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • We must face a situation as terrible as the one our ancestors faced in the Ancient Lands!
  • Every day, Kitin forces are growing, surrounding our towns, threatening our capital cities, even with the protection of the Karavan and the Kamis.
  • Even if the name makes everyone shiver, we have to name this disaster we are witnessing a Second Great Swarm!

Ailan Mac'Kean Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • Don't lose hope, don't feel alone or left behind!
  • Together, we will face this terrible threat, united as one people, one Hominkind!
  • Together, all Nations and Higher Powers have decided to set aside their differences, and fight united! To survive extinction!

Decalion Krilus (in the name of Lykos for the Fyros people) Speaks :

  • Homins!
  • Tribesmen and townfolks have all found some shelter in the capital cities, but this is not enough anymore.
  • Fortifications built by the Higher Powers around Zora, Fairhaven and Yrkanis show signs of weakening.
  • It's only a matter of days, or hours, before they fall.
  • Only the barriers around Pyr are holding, and they are our last hope.
  • Pyr's gates will welcome all Homins, so that we can survive together!

Stevano Speaks :

  • Homins !
  • Yes, we must abandon our lands, our houses and yes our beloved kingdom.
  • Yes, we must all go to Pyr, the last stronghold of Hominity, and, starting from there, follow the path of Exodus.
  • The Karavan, which make strongholds of our capital cities, will fight at our side again!
  • But be certain... We will come back here, and get back what's ours !
  • We will reconquer our lands, rebuild our houses, and see our nations flourish to a Golden Age that they have never known before!
  • Stevano And the light of the Kingdom will shine all over Atys, under the benevolant eye of the Goddess!

Mabreka Speaks :

  • Homins !
  • The Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th), Hominty will leave Pyr to follow the path of Exodus.
  • This will be a very dangerous travel, and we will need strong arms to protect the refugees.
  • We can count on the Kamis, which have already transformed Pyr and Zora into strongholds, to fight with us!
  • We will get to the secret kami oasis, the only place on the New lands where kitins can't go without dying.

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • The Rangers will help Homins to get into the Oasis while the Higher Powers and some brave homins will contain the Kitins!
  • Every second will count, you will have to climb the dreadful cliff leading to the shelter, but we know the way, and we will show you!

Kegan Speaks :

  • The secret Kami Oasis is the safest place, but far too small for all of us to survive there.
  • Elias will open a Rainbow to guide us to the Ancient Lands, in a safehaven where no kitin has ever set foot.
  • Indeed, thanks to the efforts of Trytonist homins, materials needed to create a Rainbow have been gathered inside the Oasis and the guild of Elias is ready to activate it.
  • Join us at the Oasis, and we will send you to a secret safe place in the Ancient Lands!

Orphie Dradius Speaks :

  • The day when the New Lands will be safe for living again, you will find the path to Silan on your own, we will set up our camp there again, so that you can go back to the New Lands.
  • This day shall come! and you will take back what you lost, and rebuild your houses.
  • The Kitin may have won this battle, but not the war!

Decalion Krilus Speaks :

  • Take your mektoubs, pack your belongings and go to Pyr!
  • Then Medis 15, 4th AC 2562 (Sept 27th) we will all leave together

Akilia Ash Storm Speaks :

  • Marauders from the new lands!
  • Don't follow those cowards who chose fleeing over fighting!
  • Stay here, hold your ground, show us what you are capable of, as we did during the first Great Swarm.
  • Survive, and Melkiar will acknowledge your clans.
  • Survive and you'll become TRUE Marauders.