Spring, when tents blossomed

Next part of the chronicle "Springs when tents blossomed" of the Erlan Chronicles.
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Next part of the chronicle Springs, when tents blossomed of the Erlan Chronicles.

Time has passed and despite the best efforts of harvesters and suppliers, they were struggling to erect the military camps. Patriots, Subjects, Citizens and Initiates worked hard to finish the projects as quickly as possible, but progress was far short of the planning made by the engineers, and the Kitin threat was brewing... Each day, valiant fighters, covered with scars and bruises, fought back the Kitins. However it appeared that, despite their small numbers, the Kitin of the Depths did not want to give up their foothold on the surface.

There were some notable developments that accelerated the progress. Emperor Dexton accepted the help of the Barkers tribe, which aided the completion of the camps in the Burning Desert. In the forest domain of King Yrkanis, the royal botanist Perinia developed new fibers that greatly accelerated the construction of the tents. The Tryker sites received unexpected help from the Silt Sculptors tribe: One morning, builders in Aeden Aqueous saw them come in a long Mektoub caravan loaded with parts that any builder would consider a treasure. As for the sites in the Witherings, the Kamis undoubtedly used their magics to help the Masked People.

These deveopments gave short bursts to the establishment of the military camps, but it was mainly the tenacity of the peoples that managed to construct most of the towers, and saw the first towers and tents completed in the last hours of the 2nd AC 2546.

Erlan, Chronicler
in The Erlan Chronicles, 2546 AC II.