Organised assault against the Kitin

Added by Erlan over 14 years ago

A call to homins everywhere by a certain Vanila:


I know that many are busy supplying our newly built camps to fight the kitin. And the better supplied the camps are the less Kitin are found in the region.

This is, however, not enough. We need to strike back, all together, all at the same time! Zorai, Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Kamist, Karavaneer, neutral... all united against the Kitin threat!

If you're like me and you have seen these camps, you can doubt their effectiveness, without questioning the strategies of our leaders, I think we should not put all eggs in the same basket.

So far, we have had a few isolated initiatives taking place. killing one group of kitin, two, and a few hours later a new swarm appears.

I want to deal the Kitin of the Depths, infesting the beautiful bark of Atys, a blow so terrible they will never be able to recover! They have come as close as 100m from the gates of Zora and I'm sure other cities and other regions are under threat as well: this is unacceptable!

I therefore propose that in each country in each region armies gather, armed to the teeth, and ready to strike the Kitin simultaneously, so they have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

On the 4th day of Folialy, in the 3rd Atys Cycle of Jena Year 2546 [*], we will strike!

This attack must transcend religions and nationalities. I pray for everyone to gather in one of these four places: the Agora in Pyr, the Yrkanis stage in Yrkanis, Frogmore Place in Fairhaven, or the Grand Plaza in Zora.

It will be hard to coordinate troops all over Atys, in every region. But i call upon every Homin, from any rank or standing, to stand up and fight this Kitin Scourge! If we strike together, there is a good chance we can scare them into being more prudent. In records of previous Kitin attacks we have also seen that a strong counter attack can push them back for a while.

[*] Thursday the 9th of July 2009, at 20h00 Paris Time


Added by Bittty over 14 years ago

As long as we do not repeat the mistake of threatening their nests without sufficient force to exterminate them, I am in favor of this idea. The surface is ours, not the Kitin's. If Jena wills it, we will be successful.

However, Vanila, I do not think that you can say that the towers and camps are ineffective. In those lands where the network is complete, their effectiveness is shown by the vigor with which they are threatened by the Kitin. If they were just a distraction, the Kitin would not fear them.

Added by Hechicera over 14 years ago

While I'm very much looking forward to this event I'm very disappointed in the timing of this attack. Had this been on a weekend, it would not be much of an issue, but 20:00 Paris time on a weekday will exclude a good number of players, who will either still be at work, or getting up for work the next day.
It's hard to buy into an event which "must transcend religions and nationalities" when it is planned for a time/date that is only convenient for about half the Arispotle players. Granted, it is impossible to plan an event for a time when everyone can come, however it would have been nice to have had this on the weekend so that a much greater number of players could participate.