The Erlan Chronicles: Annex to Spring, when flowers bloom

Speech of Emperor Dexton to the Fyros people

Fyros, the time is grave!

A few of my spies have confirmed the rumors we have been hearing for some days now. The Matis have decided to build encampents throughout their territory. The reason for these projects is vague, and this is troubling. But our Empire is not weak! The efforts of the Akenak have resolved the water shortages we used to suffer. Nevertheless, we must be prepared for all eventualities.

Even more important, it seems other reports indicate unusual Kitin movements, in all four corners of the Desert. As you know, the Fyros people have suffered a number of tribal attacks. All too often were we not prepared.

Today we to be prudent, and look to the future. These events are good reason to recommence the conquest of our lands, of our desert. The perfect dunes have to be tamed. Its terrible winds have to be appeased.

I have thus decided to construct camps of our own, throughout the Desert, to make sure not even a Yubo can take breath without the Empire knowing!

Emperor Dexton laughed.

Fyros people! Our work will be very important. We will need everyone, and I mean everyone, to construct these camps, which will protect us, our children, our clans, our very culture, from the dangers of destruction and oblivion.

To direct this project, worthy of the greatest moments of the Empire, I have appointed Abytheus Abygrian as project manager. He will organize the construction of the six camps from his location at Cheapside Market, and will give you more information.

Our Empire is proud and strong, so I do not doubt that this undertaking will advance swiftly and well. I have confidence in you, Fyros people! The Empire stands before a great challenge. Together, We will succeed!

Truth! Discipline! Honor! Justice!

Discours figurant dans les notes d'Epus, conseiller personnel de l'Empereur.

Speech of King Yrkanis to the matis People

Matis subjects, honorable servants of Jena!

For long we have been masters of the Verdant Heights, and in control of all of Majestic Garden! Sixty years have passed since my father, King Yasson, shot an arrow which landed here at this location, and determined where to build the city of Yrkanis! Shortly after, the cities of Davae, Avalae and Natae were founded, shining with the marvels of our people.

Over sixty Jena years have passed since the Great Swarming and our arrival in these virgin lands, now the seat of our existence and growth. Today, my people, We will confide in you a mission, for time after time you have exceeded Our expectations. Against the Marauders, against the Kitin, against our enemies. Now you, My subjects, will build encampments all over the Kingdom, to fight the ferocious nature of Our forest, to bend it to Our will, and that of Jena! These camps will help surveillance of our neighbors and the Kitins, who, as it seems, are acting strangely these days. We thus need to keep our eyes open. This is the perfect opportunity for us to tighten the Matis reign on the Forest!

Subjects! In the name of Jena: Conquer the forests, erect encampments in true Matisian style! Elegant, proud! Infallible! Be quick, intrepid! Do not be hindered by snow, wind, rain, or even the Fires of Coriolis should they return! Build the Kingdom of tomorrow, spread our influence, let the light of the Goddess shine on everyone! And witness tomorrow the dawn of Our followers, of whom We are King!

To oversee the construction and direct the work, I have appointed Anibro Listi, whom you can find near the stables. He will guide you in the construction of the six camps.

Only the most dedicated of My subjects will have the privilege of working on the most remote camps in the Kingdom, where the danger is most immediate. But understand that I will reward all those who work hard!

King lifted his arms to the sky.

Jena Aiye!

Speech transcribed by Cuccio Perinia, Chronicler and Royal Botanist.

Speech of Lady Ailan to the Tryker People

People of the Lakelands!

I want to thank you for having responded in such numbers to the call of the Federation, and I am proud to see how many of devout People have responded to the needs of New Trykoth!

Time after time in the past, since our people have resurfaced from the Prime Roots, we have had to fight to keep these lands, Aeden Aqueous, united, undivided, the lands of the New Trykoth citizens! At numerous occasions, our enemies, homin or non-homin, have tried to destroy the unity of the People and enslave them. Never have the Trykers failed their ideals. Which is why, over sixty years later, our Federation, our unity, and our lands still stand.

Nonetheless, we can not just be proud of our past, of the Legends of the Tryker people, but we have to look at our future as well!

I asked you to gather here today, in our capital of Fairhaven, the heart of Aeden Aqueous and the Federation, because I wish to share with you, in the name of New Trykoth, a mission of the utmost importance.

The times our enemies could easily move around in our lands, under the noses of our People, have to come to an end! Even more so, because I have recently been informed of a strange increase in Kitin activity.

I have thus, together with the Vice-Governor, decided to build surveillance camps under the winds of Aeden Aqueous. Their role will be to keep us informed of all unusual happenings in our lands. This is a grand project, worthy of the architectural genius of the Tryker, which will assure that we will never again be taken by surprise!

Well, now, I suppose you all want to get to work! Six camps will be erected at the four corners of Aqueous Aeden. I appointed one of our best engineers, project supervisor Ba'Darins Baksan, located at the entrance to Fairhaven, to lead this endeavor. Volunteers will be redirected from there.

People of the Lakes! New Trykoth is counting on you and will reward loyalty!

Tryka! Meer! Sella!

Glory to the people!

Speech transcribed by the Chronicler Derry O'Darren.

Speech of Mabreka Cho to the Zoraï People


Over sixty years ago, we have left the refuge of the Prime Roots, to come build the first of the Cities of Intuition. Over sixty years ago, we discovered for the first time the Witherings, our lands. Those sixty years have been troublesome, tumultuous, and have brought us where we are today.

Meanwhile, during those sixty years of turmoil, we have neglected our most sacred duty towards the Kami. During these sixty years, the Goo has progressed, and brings pain to our lands... Our world suffers and fills us with guilt for we have not fulfilled our duty towards the Kami and Ma-Duk. If this were not enough, we have seen signs of disturbing movements by Kitin everywhere in our beloved jungle. We need to learn from the past. So now we will do what is necessary to prevent a repeat of the Great Swarming.

It is for this reason that I have asked you to come here today, and request your help. So that we never again allow the Kitin to take us by surprise, never again allow the Goo to progress, never allow the menaces who are preying on our lands to succeed, and to banish all these dangers, it is time, Zoraï people, to build!

Everywhere in our lands relay camps will be constructed, fortified camps to serve these goals, for protection and for the purification of our lands. These camps, Zoraï, will be built by you, putting all your genius and work into their realization.

To guide this, we turn to the Master builder Ci Ba-Du who will supervise the construction of the six camps from the Zora stables. Only Initiates, the most loyal, will be allowed to work on the most important sites, but all those support us will be rewarded commensurate with their efforts.

Zoraï! More than ever, the Witherings need us.

O Atys'o mayumé, tseu’ito sok Kami Myan ayumé!

Speech transcribed by Kiei Xuan.

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