Tryker Federation

Tryker Federation

Shorter of stature than the other homin races, the Trykers are wily hedonists forming a federation more than a single people. Friends of the winds and princes of the lakelands, the Trykers are excellent explorers and inventors who nurture a dream of a world without tyranny or intolerance, with neither masters nor slaves.

" We Trykers live by the virtues of Freedom, Equality and Sharing ! "

We believe all homins are equals and should live and let live. We believe in nurturing the qualities of the individual, and not just the group as a whole. After all, our sweet Godess Jena makes homins come into life one by one, not in elevens and nines !

By favoring individual development and happiness, harmony and solidarity within the group follows on just as naturally as streams will come together to form a single river !

Trykers are great travelrrs and explorers and as well experts in wind technology. Since the Great Swarming of Kitins that destroyed our island cities in the ancient lands, we've made our homes in the new lake lands where we've laid down the foundations of our new Federation.

If you believe in a world without tyranny or intolerance, with neither master nor slaves, come help us build it !

You can ask about everything now, Homin...

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