Lady Ailan Mac'Kean, the Lady of Loria

Short Biography


Ailan is born in Aedan Aqueous, in the little port of Avendale, a direct descendant of the legendary Loria in the female line. Her mother dying at her birth, she gains the courtesy title “Lady of Loria”.


When playing the Company of Loria with her friends during the Matis invasion of Loria, Ailan gets a bit too excited and decides to jump down a balcony ‘to rescue' her friends. Landing she breaks her right leg. After the healer healed her leg, she tries to explain it to her father and step-mother with a “but I scared the evil Matis away!” Her parents do not agree, are not amused, and punish her with extra studies.


Not discouraged with her experience five years earlier, Ailan decides to scout the Lagoons of Loria for herself, to recreate the famous Band of Loria battling the Matis. She travels from Avendale to Lake Superior and covers most of the south of the region, imagining her heroine, Loria, fighting her guerilla war.

When hiding for a big Kirosta in the south of Wind of Muse, she notices a patrol of homins. She decided follow the patrol of the Silt Sculpturers. When the patrol notices the little girl following them, they are amused by her persistence. They decide to pull a little joke on her, and make a little trap to catch her. Ailan runs in fear, and they barely can get a hold of her before she runs into a pair of Ragus. To show that they are friendly they take her to the camp. The tribe loves the little Trykerette, and is amazed what she just had done. To make sure she reaches her home safely, they decide to escort her back to Avendale. Her parents are impressed when their daughter show up with two Silt Sculpturers, but still they give her a good scolding, as she should never has risked her life on her own.


On one of her solo forays, she meets Wilk Potskin, who is the ranger-trainer at that moment in Loria, when he is teaching new students, and saves the life of a student trapped in a cave by a group of Torbaks. Potskin is impressed and suggests that she apply to the rangers. On a rare trip to Fairhaven she befriends the exiled Prince, Yrkanis.


Ailan is sent by her parents to the Matis court to learn some manners and diplomacy. Here she acquires a fine understanding of the Matis mentality and a hatred of the protocol and over-elaboration adopted by Jinovitch. She sticks it out for a year and studies hard. On her return she meets Still Wyler who is on his Grand Tour of the Lakelands and who realizing her potential and skills, sends her to Fairhaven, where she leads several campaigns against the hated slavers. Ailan decides not to join the Rangers, but remains on good terms with their leadership, helping out when needed.


War breaks out once again with the Matis and Ailan's knowledge of their tactics and customs becomes an invaluable resource. Throughout the battles of the Lagoons of Loria, she is in the thick of the action, always by Still Wyler's side. After the death of Jinovitch, Ailan accompanies Yrkanis back to Matis to witness his coronation.


Ailan is active in the diplomatic processes necessary to obtain all signatures to the Homin rights Act. She is also actively leading endless campaigns against the Slavers, whom she detests.

In the years from 2518, Ailan became increasingly important as an advisor to Still Wyler, although retaining her habit of disappearing on long solo excursions, especially into the Prime Roots.

2522 - 2527

Marries a fellow veteran of the Loria war, Gally Mac'riley.


Gives birth to twins, Loria and Nelan.


Gally vanishes at the end of a Kitin invasion when the creatures were driven back to the Prime roots, and is presumed dead, despite Ailan's best attempts to discover his fate.


Ailan Mac’Kean, The Lady of Loria is elected as the new governor of the Tryker lands, following a closely contested election campaign.

Ailan believes fiercely in the future of the New Treaty, which she helped to draft, and has sworn to continue the work of Still Wyler to ensure the peace and prosperity of the Tryker Federation.

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