The Ecosystems

Atys is a living planet that is growing all the time. It is composed of three layers: the Prime Roots that stretch across the surface, the crust being the ground level and a network of huge branches, the canopy that extends towards the sky forming another layer that is the new surface of Atys.

Each level has a different ecosystem that is unique to it.

The Desert


The great desert of Atys is a wind ravaged wilderness shunned by all, except the Fyros who have been prosperous in rebuilding their civilization there. Without doubt the most captivating place of all the desert is the great Fyros city which is also a most impressive fortress. Though the dangers are countless and oases rare, the keenest of spirits venturing into these hostile lands will be rewarded by the diversity of fine and precious resources such as the rare types of wood.


Violent and incessant winds, severe drought, stifling temperatures by day and freezing cold at night make the burning desert dunes a baneful trap for the wayward traveler.

Pyr, capital of the Burning Desert.

The Forests


The forests of Atys form a magnificent lofty backdrop, a constant reminder of plant life domination. Here the majestic trees reach colossal proportions, each one of them can shelter hundreds of people. Great rifts are scored into the forest bed caused by the great roots leading deep down into the very bowels of Atys. The forests of Atys are the areas of predilection of the Matis who have built their regal city there. Raw materials are in abundance and include various fine species of leaves.


The forests benefit from a temperate climate, ideal for homins, as well as plants and other creatures. Seasons alternate from wet and cold to hot and dry.

Yrkanis, capital of the Verdant Heights.

The Jungle


The Zoraïs have established their enchanting towns and villages in the jungle where the Sap flows in abundance and nourishes the thriving flora. Despite the welcoming and colorful labyrinth of plant life, the perils are manifold. The jungle in many areas is beset by the pestilent goo - a cancer that nibbles inexorably at life ravaging habitats, plants and bearing forth hideous monsters. However, the experienced explorer will be rewarded by the many beautiful resources that can be found here like precious amber.


The climate is variable, the perfect tranquility may be suddenly broken by the clash of thunder and raging storms.

Zora, capital of the Witherings.

The Lakelands


The magical archipelago of the Lakelands is an enchanting region lost between the jungles and the forests of Atys. The myriad of islands is inhabited by the cheery Tryker people, who have embraced this exotic land as their place of predilection. The Lakelands offer an ever changing visage with white beaches, spectacular waterfalls, delightful Tryker floating villages and cliffs whose shapes leave much to the imagination. The area is teaming with resources which include many kinds of shells.


The archipelago benefits from a wonderful climate with sunny weather all year round which only the odd shower or morning mist come to refresh at rare intervals.

Fairhaven, capital of Aeden Aequous.

Prime Roots


The Prime Roots make up the most mysterious ecosystem on Atys. Delving into the bowels of the planet, this never-ending labyrinth of verdant caverns will astound the curious eye by its remarkable beauty. The Sap flows here in endless rivers, fluorescent plants softly light up the way while strange creatures prowl about in the glimmering shadows. The Prime Roots are home to a host of mysterious relics from the past as well as a wide range of resources.


The Prime Roots are subject to but a slight variation in climate. Over much of the year the temperature remains cool and the atmosphere damp.

Cartography of Atys

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