Federation of New Trykoth

Political structure of the New Trykoth Federation

The New Trykoth Federation is the most democratic government of Atys in accordance with the free and independent spirit of the Trykers. The Federation is not ruled by a centralized government but rather through decisions taken by an assembly of guild and clan leaders. The governor is nothing but a guarantee of stability in the Federation, thus decisions and orders do not move down through a pyramid structure of leadership, but are proposed and decided by the members of the Taliari assembly and empowered by an executive power.

The Governor

  • Elected for life by all citizens of New Trykoth.
  • Must be Tryker born, and has to at least have been a Tryker citizen for 16 cycles, or 4 Jena years (10 months IRL).
  • If the governor is not able to perform his duty, the vice-governor will replace him for at the most 1 Jena year, and new elections will be organized.
  • The governor is the caretaker of the federal government; of the people, by the people and for the people.
The Governor:
  • Appoints the Vice-Governor.
  • Represents the Tryker people in encounters with the other peoples.
  • Ratifies the elections of ambassadors who will represent the state's interests in foreign lands. The ambassadors negotiate treaties and contracts with the other peoples, and after Taliari approval the governor has to ratify them .
  • Ratifies the elections of the Kard'al.
  • May declare war on aggressors against the interests of the state, with approval of the Taliari.
  • Controls and ratifies the actions of the Vice-Governor concerning the behavior of the Federation (at Kard'al and Ambassador level).
  • May bring charges against a guild of the Lakes in case they commit offenses.

The Vice-Governor

  • Is appointed by the governor, and retains his functions until the governor revokes them or he gives up his post.
  • Must be Tryker born, and has to have been a Tryker citizen for at least 4 Jena years (10 months IRL).
  • If the Governor is unable to fulfill his duties, he will take up the management of the Federation for at most 1 Jena year, and will organize new elections. He may himself stand candidate for the next governor.
  • He supervises the participation and actions of the Kard'al and the ambassadors, and oversees the Taliari assemblies.

The Taliari

One Taliar, Several Taliari

  • There is 1 seat on the Taliari per citizen guild or tribe.
  • A Taliar, or his representative, has to be a Tryker citizen.
  • The Taliari exists of the assembly of guild leaders of citizen guilds with at least 5 active members. In case of expected abscense during a Taliari session, a member may have himself represented by a high officer of his guild.
  • The names of the Taliari in function are posted at Frogmore Place.
  • No Taliar may be excluded or banned because of his opinions.
  • The Taliari gather at least every summer and every winter (every 9 days IRL). The vice-governor may assist in these meetings if he so chooses.
  • They can relieve the governor if 80% of them and the Vice-Governor agree to the motion.
  • The Taliari have to manage their own internal organization.

Role of the Taliari

Executive power of the internal Lakes politics mainly:
  • Management of resources, including outposts.
  • Management of commerce: markets, faires, water-routes, caravans, etc...
  • Supervision of the Kard'al: the Taliari prepare elections and appoint the Kard'al for the Governor for ratification.
  • They accept or reject law propositions made by the Kard'al, and pass the accepted laws on for the governor for ratification. They have the right to control the Kard'al and their actions regarding their towns.
  • Supervision of the ambassadors: The Taliari collect the names of candidate-ambassadors before passing them on to the Governor. They accept or reject propostions of treaties made by ambassadors, also to be checked by the Governor, and send ambassadors, when needed, on diplomatic or commercial missions to the other Peoples.
  • Keeping the registry of the Cryai up to date.
  • Resolve minor issues and administer minor justice. For example they recieve and treat complaints of Lakes inhabitants or send them on to the vice-governor in case of a major issue.
  • The governor needs to have permission of the Taliari to declare war. Such a permission is only valid for 2 Jena years (5 months IRL), after which a revote has to take place.
  • Gathering of all Cryai and Ancryai, having obtained a minimum training level to raise an army, under the rule of the Tryker Governor. The Taliari can decide to dismiss a Cryai if they are significantly or completely abscent; the assembly decides the sanction, which is to be ratified by the governor if he deems it just.
  • Determining exceptional taxes for a war effort.

The assembly and voting system

  • The Taliari manage their own assemblies. These take place on the 1st floor of the building at Frogmore Place, where most official business is conducted and meetings with foreign allies and friends take place. Every 6 months (9 days IRL), the presiding member - the First Taliar, who is elected for five consecutive meetings - will open the meeting, reads the agenda, give the floor to the Taliari that wish it and oversee and close the meeting. He is also responsible for calling and tallying votes.
  • Any topics that could not be discussed will be put on the agenda for the next assembly.
  • The Vice-Governor, as representative of the Governor, will often participate in Taliari assemblies to keep order and determine if any Taliari are not contributing their share or are frequently absent. He has the right to call them to order and motivate them as he sees fit. He may also assume a supervisory role to make sure no Taliar attempts to manipulate any votes called.
The votes of Taliari take place in the following manner:
  • At the beginning of the assembly, a Tryker will pass out three special items to every Tailar or his representative: Three pearls of different colors: blue, black and violet. The colors have the following symbolic meaning: The blue pearl of the Lakes means a positive vote, the black pearl of the Prime Roots means abstention, the violet pearl of the Jungle means a negative vote.
  • A blind Tryker citizen will gather the pearls (votes), which guarantees the anonymity of the vote. In the case of an equal vote, the blind Tryker is asked to pick one of two pearls: blue or violet. His chosen pearl will count as another vote and will therefore swing the vote.
  • Votes will be counted by the currently presiding First Tailar.


  • The Kard'al (a Tryker word meaning guardian, protector) are the custodians of the cities of the Lakes. There are always four Kard'al, one representing each city.
  • Kard'al are chosen by the Taliari from the ranks of the citizen members of Tryker guilds with at least 5 active members. The governor shall ratify the appointment. It is allowed for Taliari to nominate themselves and a Taliari may also be a Kard'al.
  • Every Kard'al candidate will present a list of cities he would like to be assigned to, in order of preference. The Taliari will have the final word in the assignments.
  • For a period of 1 Jena year (2.5 months IRL) after the appointment of the Kard'al, their guilds are responsible for the safety and protection of the city assigned. The appointment may be extended.
  • A Kard'al may propose laws which will apply to their city, provided they find at least 2 other Kard'al who approve. If this is the case they can propose this law during a Taliari assembly and ask for ratification.
  • They will ensure the security of their city with the help of their guild.
  • They must work to strengthen the dynamics of their city through various events, trade fairs, contests, etc.
  • They are expected to enliven their city by organizing events, trade, fairs, competitions, etc...
  • They are responsible for dispensing very minor justice in their city, but will report any more serious or important cases to the Taliari.
  • In the case of abuse of power, they may be dismissed from their post by the governor or vice-governor.


  • There are always 3 ambassadors.
  • They are chosen by the Talairi from the Tryker citizens. Their appointment is for one Jena year (2.5 months IRL) but this may be lengthened. Taliari may nominate themselves and a Taliari may also be an ambassador.
  • They are in charge of building diplomatic, scientific or trade relations with other peoples (official political bodies, tribes, guilds.) They represent the interests of the state in foreign territories and will negotiate treaties with other peoples.
  • Usually, they are sent on diplomatic missions by the governor, the vice-governor or the Taliari. However, they are allowed to use their own initiative in, for example, calling a diplomatic conference without having to seek approval form the Taliari or Governor. In any case, all agreements or treaties must be ratified by the Taliari and the governor or vice-governor.
  • If an ambassodor does not perform to satisfaction, he may be dismissed from his post by the Governor.

Talai Lochi

  • Talai Lochi means "Bothers of the Lakes".
  • Only citizens are part of the Talai Lochi.
  • They are under the jurisdiction of the Federation, being the Taliari assembly (Low Justice) or the governor (High Justice) and may demand from them that justice is done.
  • Only a Tryker citizen may take seat in the Taliari, be appointed vice-governor or be elected governor.
  • Only a citizen may be appointed ambassador or Kard'al.


The Cryai are all the citizen guilds and citizen tribes of the Lakes.


These are the Tryker citizens not belonging to any guild, clan or tribe.

The Stateless

  • These are the homins belonging to no people, but live in Aeden Aqueous and have pledged allegiance to the government.
  • They are not part of the Talai Lochi but must follow the laws of the land.
  • The government does not have the authority to conscript them in case of war.
  • The Stateless may not vote, nor be part of the government.

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