Matis Kingdom

Matis Kingdom

The Matis are proud heirs of an old Monarchy from the haunted woods who seek to restore their lost Kingdom. Highly cultivated aesthetes well versed in forest botany, the Matis are both a romantic and a conquering race. They staunchly believe that, just as every particle of the universe has a function, every homin must strive for his or her true place in society.

" A Matis must possess the more noble traits of Hominkind "

A Matis must be loyal, courteous, tenacious, and most of all, reverent. By obeying our king, we are glorifying Jena, our Goddess, who bestowed on him the divine right. We believe that just as every particle of Jena' s universe has a function, every homin must strive for her or his true place in society.

Jena helps those who help themselves, a Matis must never give in. By striving for success we are making our civilization strong as a whole. Only the best can reach the higher spheres of our society, only the elite can lead our people on.

By manipulating nature, we are elevating our souls nearer to godliness. Indeed, Homin, it's by no mere coincidence that wa have become the Atysian Master Manipulators of plant and animal life. Our weaponry, armor and even familiar household items are living objects!

We have taken root in the forest areas of the new lands where we find every living essence needed for experimentation. We now need to make our new kingdom stronger and better, in the name of Jena.

If noble blood runs through your veins, come swear allegiance to your king ! Our kingdom needs champions !!

So now, homin, if you have any questions ?

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