Matis, the New Beginning

From 2481 the kitins set out on a crusade to obliterate all traces of hominkind. Many homins were able to escape through teleportation `rainbows' leading to safe haven in the Prime Roots of faraway lands. Kami and Karavan forces did their best to give homins safe conduct to the rainbows until these too were destroyed by kitins.

Homins caught in the old lands could but flee into the wilds where they were forced to live nomadic lives in constant fear of kitin attack. In the Prime Root sanctuary, meanwhile, homins had no choice but to learn to tolerate other races and make do until the Karavan could reassure them that the kitins no longer presented a threat.

The period known as the New Beginning marks the beginning of a new era and spans three generations from the resurfacing from the sanctuary of the Prime Root caverns to present day times.


Resurfacing from Prime Root sanctuary after King Yasson is given order by Karavan that kitins no longer present a threat.
Take possession of forest lands.
Verdant Heights explored, scouts come upon a region rich in resources which King Yasson baptizes Majestic Garden.
First foundations of Yrkanis laid in Majestic Garden. According to legend, the first edifice is erected on the spot where the king's arrow fell, the new capital is named after his son, Yrkanis, born in h2. 2482 in the Prime Roots.
Karavan seal Prime Root entrances and forbid their opening.
Yasson renews Matis allegiance to Karavan and proclaims an annual celebration (Thanksgiving) in honor of their intervention against the kitins. Thanksgiving Day falls on the winter solstice to symbolize the return of light after the dark years that followed the Great Swarming.
Ancient pro-Karavan tribe of the Kuild reformed.
Ancient multiracial guild of Atrium Keepers reformed.


The rest of the region of Majestic Gardens explored and made relatively safe.
Region of Fleeting Garden explored, Lenardi Bravichi begins work to cultivate roots to form a natural barrier with Majestic Garden border against possible kitin attacks.


Kami intervention in Fleeting Garden to prevent Matis manipulation of nature, great barrier works abandoned.
Sacred Sap, pro-Kami tribe, present in Fleeting garden.


Kami alters banished from Matis towns.
Pro-Karavan Guild of Karavia founded.


Arrival of first refugees from road of exodus leading from old lands. Welcome structure set up to promote integration of Matis refugees in new society.
Act of Integration allowing refugees to rejoin their own civilization.
Creation of Safe Zone; camps of Stalli, Borea, Nistia, Rosilio and Miani established to welcome and train Matis refugees.


Beginning of construction of villages of Davae, Natae and Avalae, named after first female babies born in the newfound lands.
Number of refugees from the exodus begins to fall.


Legendary fighter Matini Roqvini arrives from old lands with new methods of combat. He shared the road of the exodus with great fighters of other peoples collectively known as the guild of the Force of Fraternity.


First outposts set up.
Kitin presence detected in newfound lands.
Pact of Mutual Assistance (PMA) signed by Yasson, Hoi-Cho, Leanon and Mac'Darrell to fight conjointly against kitins.
Contingents of Matis established on every continent.
Guild of the Force of Fraternity embark on campaign (to h2. 2492) of mixed homins to rid new homin lands of hostile kitins.


New trade routes traced and secured leading into foreign lands.
System of bollards implanted throughout Matis country to guide the traveling merchant.
Guild of Free Merchants founded.


Members of guild of Force of Fraternity rejoin their own countries after their two year campaign against the kitins.
Matini Roqvini killed while passing through Fleeting Garden.


The young Prince Yrkanis saved in extremis by Leng Cheng-Ho.
Prime Roots explored.
Trykers agree to lease Lagoons of Loria to Matis for four years.


A grand sage openly questions role of Karavan and the teachings of Jena.
Dissident groups formed within Matis society refuting existence of Jena.
Multiracial Guild of Elias gains in popularity throughout homin lands.
Kitins reappear but kept in check with new methods of combat handed down by the guild of Force of Fraternity.


Guild of Elias, portrayed as a sect against the church of Jena, is banished by Karavan.
Mercenary tribes and bandits fuel feeling of antagonism for personal gain. Border zones unsafe.
Slash and Burn tribe reformed.


Trykers breach Edict of Four Peoples and sign a preferential trade agreement with Fyros, depriving Matis peoples of water supplies. Trykers refuse to renew lease of Lagoons of Loria.


King Yasson revokes Edict of Four Peoples (signed in Prime Roots in h2. 2481) in protestation of Tryker Fyros exclusivity treaty.
Turnpikes established on trade routes under Matis authority.


Matis drive Tryker contingents out of Verdant Heights.
Autumn War between Tryker and Matis in Aeden Aqueous over Lagoons of Loria for water resources.
Matis annex Lagoons of Loria in Liberty Lake.
Tryker continue guerilla activity in Lagoons of Loria.
King Yasson tries to put down Tryker revolt in Lagoons of Loria.


Fyros side with Trykers against Matis.
To avoid further bloodshed, King Yasson orders capture of Dexton, the future Fyros Emperor, who is then ransomed for one million dappers.


King Yasson accepts Mabreka's offer as arbitrator to negotiate Dexton's release for 1 million dappers.
Peace Treaty signed by Yasson, Leanon, Hoi-Cho and Mac'Darrell. Matis relinquish supremacy of Lagoons of Loria which becomes free territory in exchange for guaranteed supplies of water.
Matis pull out of Lagoons of Loria.


Yasson poisoned by his younger half brother, Jinovitch (born h2. 2471), who takes the crown.
Leading sages questioning Karavan sanctity burned at the state.
Non Karavan guilds banished.


Members of guild of Elias burned at the state for heresy.
Town of Yrkanis renamed Jino.
Surtax imposed on Fyros and Tryker goods passing through Verdant Heights.
Tribe of the Matisian Border Guards founded.
Jinovitch bans multiracial guilds.


Surtax on Tryker goods reduced in exchange for Tryker reinforcement of measures ensuring adherence to Karavan teachings.
Matis embark on a campaign to convert Fyros heathen lands, a whole battalion is wiped out in Sawdust Mines.
Prince Yrkanis bids to capture the crown but fails and is imprisoned, then escapes.
Jinovitch orders murder of Prince Yrkanis who goes into hiding with a band of loyal followers.


Conscription introduced.


Yrkanis caught in an ambush. On the way to Jino he is rescued, flees to Aeden Aqueous through Prime Roots and is given refuge in Fairhaven till h2. 2509, then in Zora (Witherings) till h2. 2512.
Persecution of foreigners in Matis dominions.


Yrkanis in Zora till h2. 2512.


Matis conquest of Lagoons of Loria which takes the name of Jino Waters.


Battle of Jino Waters (Lagoons of Loria). Yrkanis sides with Tryker leader, Still Wyler, in an offensive against Matis in Lagoons of Loria. Many Matis soldiers drop their arms and join the ranks of Prince Yrkanis.


On the way to Tryker front, King Jinovitch dies horrible death in the jaws of kitin scouts, his soldiers left him to charge alone.
At the age of 32 Yrkanis accedes to the throne amid much rejoicing.
The capital city recovers its name of Yrkanis.
Matis agree to cede Lagoons of Loria in Aeden Aqueous to Trykers.


Peace treaty signed at Fairhaven by Yrkanis, Mabreka, Wyler, and Dexton.


Summit of Hoi-Cho, four homin powers (Yrkanis, Dexton, Mabreka and Wyler) sign Free Trade Agreement to establish free movement of merchants in all homin territories.


Tribe of the Green Seed founded.
Ratification of Homin Rights Act first instigated by Tryker Council.


Amber discovered in Prime Roots.


First ruins discovered in Prime Roots.


The descendants of the destitute multitudes who never found the teleportation rainbows in time, each day come to swell Matis populations.

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