During the Great Swarming all homins were not able to leave the Old Lands through the rainbows that led to the sanctuary of the Prime Roots. The ones that had no choice but to stay had to make many sacrifices in order to survive. Over the years the homin left behind took the name of Marauder. This society, ruled by the law of the strongest, is based on a clan structure. Abandoned by the two major Powers, the Marauders retaliated in turn by abandoning their beliefs and relying instead on their own strength.

"We won our freedom and will not fold to any homin laws of the New Lands. The only law we recognize is ours."

We have spent many years in the Old Lands to suffer and survive against the Kitins. At great cost, we finally emerge victorious. We have developed our own fighting techniques as well as our own armor, and we have recently arrived in the New Lands in order to impose our law.

If you are in rebellion against the nations and Powers, join us! Never forget that the force commands respect!

Now if you have any questions...

  • The organization of Marauder Clans
  • Laws governing clans
  • List of important names in the Marauder Clans

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