Melkiar the Black Varinx

Main Psychological Traits

*He has a great sense of honor, justice, truth and discipline since he was brought up as a Fyros.
*Very intelligent. He does not miss an opportunity to learn from everything he encounters.
*Even if he seems wise and harmless, he is capable of cutting off the head of a friend to achieve his goals.
*His wife is the only one who can calm him when he is full of anger.
*He enjoys the landscapes that allow him to get lost in his thoughts and meditate.
*He loves to make the children laugh and will play a joke on any one that is near him.

Short Biography


- Born on a stormy night on the Tears of The Dragon tribe.


- His father send him to Fyre for his instruction, leaving Aster, a friend, behind with the promise to return stronger.

- He arrives to Fyre to join all the young Fyros that will receive their instruction during the next 20 years.

- He meets Varran and soon they become good friends.


- He becomes the youth in whom everyone sees a future great homin.

- A fight with some of the other recruits proves that even if he is young he has a strong sense of justice.

- His father starts a war against other tribes for the control of some water wells.


- Melkiar stands out in all the fields of the Academy: military, combat, science, philosophy, history, medicine, and mathematics fields among others.

- Emperor Thesop is murdered in the Agora and his body is thrown outside Fyre to rot. His name is deleted from the Sanctuary.


- Melkiar's father wins the war and makes their tribe the strongest of the area.


- During one of their routine test exercises, a dust storm strikes. After a time and with great effort, Melkiar is able to lead his comrades to safety. They survive alone for a season, no one dies.


- Melkiar finishes his instruction. He is considered the most talented Fyros to have ever gone trough the Academy.

- They offer him the option to join the Army but he decides to go back home to meet his family and Aster.


- Nearby tribes start to disagree with the Tears of The Dragon. Again, a fight for the water and territory starts. However, with Melkiar leading them, the warriors soon beat the other tribes.

- Melkiar's father is killed during an attack. Melkiar becomes the tribe chief.

- Full of anger, he wants to destroy the tribe behind the attack, but Aster reminds him that Honor without Justice turns to Vengeance. He decides to exile them. Other tribes start to see the potential of Melkiar.


- After a while hiding it, Aster and Melkiar decide to tell the others about their romance.

- Melkiar meets the nearby tribes to offer them a pact: gather under his leadership and with his knowledge make the region and the tribes grow. Some of them join him and others prefer to stay on the edges. Melkiar and the
tribes that want to join him sign a peace treaty and the region is now under his leadership and protection.

- Melkiar honors the death of Emperor Krospas, killed on a Varinx hunt, with a great pyre.


- He decides to start a journey all over the region to convince the rest of the tribes. He starts this travel with the company of Aster.


- Three years after the death of his father Melkiar finally succeeds gathering all the tribes of that region under his leadership. The water is scarce and he decides to meet with Emperor Cerakos II at Fyre to ask for his help, and he also wants to share with him his will to found a new city from the tribes he had gathered in the West of the Empire. His mother accompanies him. After a little stop at Coriolis they head to Fyre.

- The Great Swarming begins.

- During the siege of Fyre his mother is slain in front of him by the Kitins.

- He succeeds in gathering Varran and some of his old comrades to face the Kitins on a desperate search for a safe place through the secret tunnels beneath Fyre.

- He is astonished by the news of how Cerakos II died trying to lead the homins to the Rainbows, and at the same time he is informed about the destruction of his tribe and the ones under his leadership.

- With a group of homins he goes to search for survivors, leaving some others behind waiting for them. They go across the Desert sneaking through the Kitins, drinking water from the plants or even drinking the blood of the mektoubs to survive. He prefers to die before leaving his loved ones behind.

- On the road they join with other survivor tribes that follow them. Before they reach their destination they meet Aster leading a small group of homins.


- Back at the location of the Rainbow they discover that it is destroyed, and the homins awaiting them all dead. It had been months since they left.

- They start a journey to the South, with the hope of finding more survivors, and above all, water.


- They arrive in the Lakes. Melkiar walks with a sad feeling near the shores. He can´t believe no one came to rescue them. Even though he tries to calm down, telling himself that the Kitins are the ones responsible, he has a deep hate within him against those cowards that left their Emperor to die and run away.

- Once organized, they head to the East following The Wall. They are an unlikely group, formed of various families and tribes, Tryker and Fyros, following the only homin who seems to know what must be done. They communicate as best as they can, founding the basis of a future language.

- After several months of avoiding the Kitins, they camp near Bero. Melkiar sends more explorers to look for the Rainbow in the old territory of the Matis. Nothing. They bring more families and survivors with their return.


- Determined to see one of the Rainbows with his own eyes Melkiar leads the way to the South.

- By the time they pass Zoran the number of the group is less. The land is labyrinthine and it is harder to spot the Kitins.

- The Matis constantly ask for a preferential treatment, demanding the best kills or more water. Little by little the tension between them grow. The Tryker can´t understand why they have to look for the Rainbows when they can search for a way to go with the homins that left. The Zoraï yell, cry or walk downcast as they see their land disgraced by the horror.

- The Rainbow is broken there too.


- Full of anger because of the situation, Melkiar gathers a group of warriors and he takes them near to a Kitin nest. After a speech that arouses their hearts, the homins attack in the night. Over the course of five nights, only screaming and grunting can be heard. At the dawn of the eighth day Melkiar emerges from the dust, covered with dirt, black. In his eyes the hate still burns. The Black Varinx. Even though not all of them survive that attack, the great feat of Melkiar and his homins spreads fast. Zunak, a Zoraï, is one of those survivors. He helped Melkiar inside the nest, saving his life once. They become good friends.

- Melkiar gives a speech in front of all the camp. He names them Marauders and he announces that his tribe and family will be known as the Clan of the Varinx.

- Melkiar meets Oflovak. Some of the Marauders join Oflovak, but the rest, as does Melkiar, laugh at Oflovak' s offering. Oflovak gives them the map to the New Lands and leaves the camp.

- Aster and Melkiar got married, establishing the basis for the Marauder marriage.


- Melkiar goes to the Desert trying to find the source of all evil, the Kitins.


- Even with the mounts they have gathered over the years helping them to move faster, the journey was just as long.

- The Kitin density in the Desert is greater, but thanks to the experience and knowledge gathered by the Clan of the Dawn, they have new weapons and tactics to fight them.

- Since the Great Swarming Melkiar has tried to understand what happened, discovering that all started in the region of Coriolis, in the amber mines; they head there.


- When the explorers reach Coriolis they find something astonishing; the Karavan doing research activities near a hole in the ground. The Karavan spot the intruders shortly thereafter.

- The Marauders and the Karavans are surprised by the encounter. Even though both are reorganized again after ten years, the Karavan thought no homin survived in that area of death and the Marauders rejected the Karavan long ago because they felt the Karavan had abandoned them.

- Full of anger because the Karavan are doing research there instead of helping survivors, Melkiar orders an attack against them knowing that they will die trying. The Karavan distrust those homins and decide to attack.

- In the evening of the third day after they sighted each other, Melkiar and the Karavan leader each organize a silent attack that turns to a battle.

- There are casualties on both sides but the scale tips in favor of the Karavan. When all seems lost, a member of the Karavan kills another who wants to kill Melkiar. Other members of the Karavan turn against their comrades and along with the homins they kill the rest of the Karavans.

- The Karavan that helped Melkiar introduces himself as Rinvar, an officer of a small group of dissident Karavans, kind to the homins, making emphasis that he did not know about the existence of survivors on those lands. He requests a meeting with Melkiar, but not before they conceal the facts of what happened.

- In the meeting Rinvar negotiates an exchange with Melkiar; the Marauders will give resources to the dissident Karavans and they will help the Marauders. To seal the agreement, Melkiar and Rinvar perform a growing rite among the Marauders: They compare their strength using spears, seeing who can throw them further.

- Melkiar decides to tell about this new alliance to all the Clans and sends the explorers to find the Clan Leaders to gather them there, in the Desert.


- 15 Clans represented by their Leaders meet with Melkiar in the Desert. They create a settlement for the gathering where the companions of the Clan Leaders —all of the Clan in some cases— can camp, and they save the central area for a huge tent, a marquee, so the Leaders can gather.

- After a month of meetings Melkiar comes out the marquee and announces the new Marauder organization, the alliance with the Karavan Dissidents, the creation of a scientific research group led by the Clan of the Dawn and the future building of a Citadel there, in the place they were, that will be a lighthouse in those lands of death and desperation, the beginning of a new world.

- After a hard birth for Aster, Akilia is born. Due to this event, Melkiar creates the Kitin Games. Any Marauder without a Clan can play them, and the winner has the right to join the Clan of the Great Marauder or create his or her own Clan, in this case, the winner will be provided with all the necessities to create one.


- Melkiar is defied by Bergio, who wants the Great Marauder rank. Even though Bergio is strong enough, he soon eats the dust and dies. Melkiar exiles his Clan to the East, to the Forest.


- Melkiar leads various groups that travel through the different regions to explore the ruins of the old Capitals and cities.


- The first Clan Wars begin.

- Melkiar asks Aster to train a new kind of warrior, the spies.

- Melkiar's spies tell him that Kragan plans a frontal attack on the unfinished Citadel. Melkiar leads a group composed by the best warriors of seven different Clans to the hills and dunes nearby and they wait for him in the distance to surround him and his homins.


- During an attack on the kitins, Melkiar loses his left arm.


- Melkiar renames some of the young and best Marauders: Akilia Ash Storm, Pei-Ziao the Pernicious, Pei-Ruz the Rotten, Lixie the Enraged, Aen the Desert Blade, Sirgio the Wicked, Kaunéra the Headstrong, and The Scarlet for the son of Zunak.

- Pei-Ziao the Pernicious, Lixie the Enraged, Aen the Desert Blade and Sirgio the Wicked join the Clan of the Throat Cutters that is still led by Varran.


- The new Clan Leader of the Clan exiled by Melkiar, comes back to report about the possibility of going to the New Lands, he saw some white poles to the West. Melkiar remembers Oflovak's words and he recovers the old map.

- Melkiar sends Pei-Ziao the Pernicious, Lixie the Enraged, Aen the Desert Blade and Sirgio the Wicked to the New Lands with a copy of the map; he honors them with the first Marauder mission in the New Lands; explore them.


- Melkiar sends the Clan of the Throat Cutters to the New Lands.

- Melkiar sends Akilia to the New Lands to investigate what happened to the Throat Cutters Clan.


- Melkiar dies in the Citadel. A ceremony takes place for 80 days, one for each year Melkiar lived.

- Aster makes public the last will of Melkiar; Akilia as the next Great Marauder being one of them. Messengers are sent to all clans, and especially urgently to the New Lands.

- A memorial is built to the north of the Citadel where Melkiar is incinerated in a great pyre.

- Aster takes command until the return of Akilia and Aster is now the Clan Leader of the Clan of the Varinx.

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