Being a Marauder

Who are we?

Most of us are survivors of the Great Swarming. We have struggled to take a foothold in the New Lands and now are ready to take our place. Others, refugees to the New Lands, have recently joined our ranks being disappointed by both religious factions and nations. We have our own laws and answer only to ourselves.

Who are our ancestors?

Our ancestors are homins who have not fled the Old Lands. For many years they struggled to survive and track down Kitins. You made the right choice by joining our cause.

Who is our leader?

Our chef is Melkiar the Black Varinx. A Marauder must obey the orders of Melkiar first and then those of his chieftain. Melkiar succeeded in gathering and uniting the survivors of the Great Swarming under the name of the Marauders. Over the years, he has proven to be an extraordinary leader. His lieutenants are Marauders known by the name of their exploits. Among them include Aen, Sirgio, Pei-Ziao, and Lixie. His daughter, Akilia Ash Storm, is tipped to succeed him at his death, if it should happen one day.

What do we believe in?

We have faith in ourselves. We survived in the Old Lands without the help of the Kami or that of the Karavan. We learned to rely only on ourselves and have realized that we can surpass the authority of the Powers.

What are our values?

Our life revolves around four values:

  • The strongest: it is the strongest who lead each clan. Our survival is based on a power that is shared between these clans. A Marauder is free to do what he wants as long as he is strong enough to do so.
  • Conquest: it is the conquest that we impose upon Atys.
  • Combat: our culture is based on the effectiveness of the fight. The struggle need not be beautiful, but it must be efficient and effective. All strategies are allowed. The great fighters are cheered and are appointed because of their successes.
  • Survival of the group: in extreme situations, we make the necessary decisions. If the death of certain homin guarantees the survival of the group, we do not hesitate.

What are the taboos?

  • Accept the authority of the new homin governments.
  • Bow to the authority of the Kami or Karavan.
  • Trampling our own values.

What are our objectives?

We started from nothing, only fighting against Kitins in the Old Lands. With determination and strength we survived. The fight was long and grueling and thus we have developed a style of relentless combat. We no longer fear the great Powers because we have not needed their help to survive! Now we walk the New Lands and are prepared to take our place! Homins will soon learn what true strength is.

Who are our friends?

  • Other Marauder clans are our allies.

Who are our enemies?

  • Kitins: will always be our enemies. They continue to slaughter Marauders still present on the Old Lands. One day, after taking control of Atys, we will eradicate this menace once and for all.
  • Religious factions: we fight all those who defend the teachings of the great Powers.
  • Homin governments: the Powers encouraged homins to devise separate governments only to divide hominkind. The only true civilization of Atys is that of the Marauders!

How can I help my people?

We are looking for artisans, harvesters, magicians and warriors to help build a sustainable force on the New Lands. We need warriors to defend the fortified camp and to conquer other territories. We are looking for artisans to develop our arms and armor, and harvesters to gather the raw materials necessary for their manufacture. We are also looking for magicians to create and enchant weapons, protect harvesters, care for our warriors and help during battle with their powerful spells.

What can I expect my people?

  • Learning from experienced trainers.
  • Assistance between the clans and the protection offered by the fortified camp.
  • A teleportation system comparable to that of the two Powers.
  • Rewards earned as services are rendered to the Marauder cause.

What is our land?

We survived the Great Swarming of 2481 by hiding among the ruins of ancient cities escaping homins left behin. We have built fortified zones which include a fortress. So far, only Marauders of Old Lands have access to these zones. By proving their loyalty, the Marauders New Lands may have access to it some day. Until that time, we have built a fortified camp for the Marauders of the New Lands to call their home in Hidden Source.

What can I expect from Atys, our world?

Atys is full of dangers and treasures. The laws of the four nations do not affect us. Our research has also identified an energy source unknown to Homins.

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