Zoraï Theocracy

Zoraï Theocracy

The Zoraïs are feared mystics from the dark and hidden jungles who zealously serve the living planet. In their search for spiritual enlightenment, the Zoraïs have grown close to the mysterious Kami.

" Our society rests on the attainment of spiritual accomplishment, wisdom and the respect of nature. "

Over the centuries we have built up a relationship with the Kamis, divine entities sent by Ma-Duk, the Creator of Atys. We proudly wear the Kami mask of kinship which distinguishes us from homin races of weaker spiritual substance.

We have searched for knowledge where others have searched for personal gain. We were the first to write the spoken word so that the knowledge of our ancestors could prevail. Our society became structured around magnificent temple-cities where grand ceremonies were orchestrated to parry the flora devouring cancer which the Kamis were powerless to repel themselves.

Since the devastating Swarming of kitins, we have once again expressly chosen our new sites in the middle of the enchanting jungle where pollution of the Goo is rife.

Now we seek to recover the magnificence of our former dynasty and make it shine as a beacon of wisdom. We are keen to share spiritual awareness throughout the world so that all hominkind may attain eternal bliss.

If you consider that there is more to life than meets the eye, then we need you !

If you have any questions, it's now...

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