Fight for Praise

In one of the highest rooms in the palace, close to the summit of the Royal Tree, the King of the Matis, Yrkanis, liked to contemplate matters while looking out over the beautiful city that carried his name. The great city swarmed with life, and the sovereign could even hear the dealers in the South Market calling out, luring their customers with the finest of Matis craftsmanship.

Grabbing his shining living blade, he took a few steps and turned in a circle, considering. He was thinking about the recent battles won by the Rangers in the green lands of the Nexus. The Rangers had provided him with a rather brief, crude report on the battles, who was involved and the various maneuvers and strategies.

"Ridiculous," he thought to himself, crumpling the report between his fingers.

Immediately after the battles, other reports had already been brought back to him, notably by the the Guild of Karavia, which had participated inconspicuously in these battles.

"Once again, the Matis have proven their capabilities in battle and the art of war. A reward, hmmm, yes... this can be..."

He quickly moved to a small office hidden in one of the corners of the room, where, waiting as always, was his secretary. He dictated rapidly:

"People of the Forests! Know that your King has noticed your recent victory during the battles fought by the Rangers of Atys. Such victory is expected, of course, but nevertheless, it deserves a reward. Therefore, there will be a tournament, and the team that wins the tournament will be rewarded! In the Matis Lands, there is no reward for second place!"

Chronicles of the time of the King Yrkanis by Cuiccio Perinia, Royal Historian.

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