Tribes of Atys

Atys is not only a hunting ground for homin civilizations. Primitive tribes and rebels compete with the four races for access to the precious resources of the planet. When you venture into their lands you may be left in peace or attacked on sight. Caution is the order of the day.

The tribes of Verdant Heights : Green Seed

Coat of Arms :Three geminating seeds on a star-shaped leaf
Camp : Majestic Garden - close to the arena; near the crossroads, between the villages of Davae and Avalae
Definition: The tribe of the Green Seed deals in small trade throughout the various urban zones of the region. These Matis and Trykers sometimes set up camp near the arena where they propose weapons and armor to warriors who come to defend their honour. They are friendly and peaceful, and are always on the lookout for homins willing to run errands for them, such as manufacturing objects or delivering orders to customers.

The tribes of the Witherings: Black Circle

Coat of Arms : Black circle glistening in evil reflexions
Camp : Grove of Umbrae -in the southeast part of the region
Definition : This tribe is composed of scientists and magicians of every race fascinated by the goo. Urged by some morbid fascination, they spend their time studying the vile substance and its effects on the flora, fauna and homins. They endeavour to link the goo to magic in the hope of acquiring more and more power. They have thus made groundbreaking discoveries which they jealously keep secret, only giving snippets of knowledge to their disciples and allies, such as the tribe of the Darkening Sap. The tribe also excerces pressure on governments for goo study to be accepted so they can lawfully use the goo all over the planet without restraint.

The Burning Desert tribes : Dune Riders

Coat of Arms : Silhouette of a mektoub
Camp : Savage Dunes - southern part of the region
Definition : This tribe was founded by exiled Fyros. Since breaking away from the Fyros people they have built their society on a new social order. They are especially motivated by territorial acquisition and are against the expansion of other homins, believing this would present a threat to their own land and livelihood. They are nonetheless willing to negotiate peace in return for technological expertise or territorial guaranties.

The tribes of Aeden Aqueous: Corsairs

Coat of Arms : Two swords crossed under a skull-shaped helmet
Camp : Central isle - all over the region
Definition : Nothing will put the breeze up these unruly but brave battlers who are always ready to attack foreign enemy convoys under the slightest pretext. The authorities of Fairhaven have no interest in curbing the Corsairs' keenness for action, and leave them a loose rein. They are, after all, loyal partisans trained to play a preponderant role in warfare. Many a Tryker has been a Corsair in his or her younger days in order to learn the art of combat, the most illustrious being Still Wyler, the great Governor. Once the fervor of youth has abated, however, Trykers generally prefer to turn to less violent activities.

The tribes of the Nexus: Kuild

Coat of Arms :A dead seed on a teleporter
Composition : Homins of every race
Camp : Nexus Minor - southwest part of Nexus
Definition : The members of the Kuild are homin agents of every race who work for the Karavan. The tribe has sworn allegiance to the disciples of Jena in exchange for their protection and sources of wealth. The Kuild collects materials which they trade for themselves and for the Karavan.

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