This page relates the greatest anterior events to the New Beginning (until 2483)

2435 : The Fire of Coriolis

In 2435, under the Emperor Abylus the Learned, Fyros miners hit upon a vein of acid which set light to the surrounding parched wastelands. The fire quickly spread across homin territories ravaging the town of Coriolis and blazing a trail as far as the great forests of the Matis.

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2481 : The Great Swarming

In their interminable quest for the dragon, in 2481 Fyros miners uncovered a nest of kitins in the Prime roots. Fraught with fear and horror, their first reflex was to destroy the first giant insects they came across. But alerted by the slaughter, legions of soldiers kitins suddenly surged forth from underground galleries to eradicate what they considered as their natural enemy. Homin cities were decimated, entire population perished, and the great civilizations crumbled in a matter of days.

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2481 - 2483 : The Kitin War

In the year 2481, the kitins set out on a crusade to obliterate all traces of hominkind. Many homins were able to escape through the teleportation "rainbows" leading to safe haven in the Prime Roots of far away lands.

Kami and Karavan forces did their best to give homins safe conduct to the rainbows until these too were destroyed by kitins. Remaining homins could do nothing but flee into the wilds where they were forced to live nomadic lives in constant fear of kitin attacks. A Karavan task force was eventually sent in to counter the arachnid onslaughts. War ravaged in the ancient lands for many years until at last the kitins were forced to retreat back into the depths of Atys.

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2485 : Exodus

With the destruction of the teleportation pods during the Kitin Wars, the ways to the sanctuary of the Prime Roots of the faraway lands was closed. Many homins were forced to live precarious nomadic lives until a route was established in 2485 from the ancient to the newfound lands, opening the way for the Exodus. Refugees in their droves were at last able to rejoin the newly flourishing civilizations that had resurfaced from their Prime Roots sanctuary in the new lands of promise.

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