Known Kitins

Kiban A large, predominantly white omnivorous arachnid with a large abdomen, this kitin harvester collects resources for the colony. Like the kincher, analyses resources and marks the most valuable with an inky secretion. This worker kitin occurs all over Atys.
Kidinak This kitin drone mates with and protects the queen. Without straying far from the queen, the kidinak will attack predators on sight flicking out its front hoe-like appendages to slice away at the aggressor. In kidinaks the front pair of legs are modified to form small pinchers used for cutting up and conveying flesh into the mouth. This elite kitin occurs all over Atys.
Kincher This kitin hunter is recognizable by its huge mandibles and small abdomen and dorsal excrescence. The kincher precedes other kitins into unknown territory to pinpoint precious resources. Munches and analyzes everything in its path, selecting and marking the best materials. This kitin fighter occurs all over Atys.
Kinrey One of the most virulent predators on Atys, the kitin royal soldier is a gregarious giant living in community protecting the queen. The kinrey sprays acid at its victims and will attack and pursue any homin or beast venturing too close to the nest. This elite kitin occurs all over Atys.
Kipee The kitin worker is the only true plant feeder of the kitin family. This great placid arachnid builds nests, cares for larvae and can often be seen in herds munching away on the bark all day long. The kipee occurs all over Atys.
Kipesta A six winged, highly colorful kitin scout with an elongated abdomen. The kipesta seeks new territories for migrants to establish new nests. Projects a potent flaming pollen-based substance at its prey. The venom is stored and produced in a pouch which deflates as the substance is thrust up through its proboscis and blazes into flames on contact with air. Kipestas occur all over Atys.
Kipucka A migrant protector, establishes new nests, its large abdomen allows it to carry resources and larvae to new territory. The kipucka has a deadly dart at the end of its tail which it will use to lethal effect for attack. This great three meter tall elite kitin occurs all over Atys.
Kirosta This huge kitin soldier, recognizable by its long streamlined abdomen, is a terror to all fauna living within its vicinity. Its venom, one of the most virulent on Atys, is injected into its prey through the spine situated on the extremity of the abdomen. The kirosta occurs all over Atys.
Kizoar The kizoar is a prudent kitin scavenger whose powerful wings, with a span of 2 meters, allow it to flee swiftly at the slightest danger. Collects resources for the colony. It will hover over agonizing prey until it is safe enough to finish it off with its lethal sting. This worker kitin occurs all over Atys.
Kizarak No enought specimens were seen, in the fond of a nest, but they seem to guard the kitin larvas.

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