The Kami

The Magic Spirit Of Atys

Strange and eerie entities capable of taking on various appearances, the Kamis constitute a major influence on Atys and its habitants They stand vigil over the plant kingdom and ensure that no one may destabilize the fragile equilibrium of the planet they cherish.

They share a collective conscience and it would seem that no living species may escape their perception, and consequently, their wrath if their laws of conservation are transgressed.

Like the Karavan, the Kamis travel freely through the lands of Atys keeping endless watch and endeavoring to make pacts with laudable homins in exchange for deeds done.

The magic spirits of Atys

We are an integral part of the great design of Ma-Duk, the Life Giver that created Atys. We stand vigil over her natural resources to preserve the fragile balance, so that all homins may attain enlightenment in Kamihood one day.

Remember, your destiny is linked to the life of Atys, homin, and not to the false prophecy of the Karavan. They are foreigners here, invading creatures come from afar to steal our resources, they care not a bit for the welfare of Atys.

I, like you, was born on Atys, together we must cherish it and keep it from danger. By clearing away the goo you will gain merit to enter the pathway to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk. In return for your deeds of merit we will offer you pacts to restore your life energy, and to teleport through the corridors of time.

For the life of our planet, for the spirit of your people, give praise to the Life Giver, choose the pathway to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk!

Their organization:

  • The Kamis communicate using either homins, Kami followers or Kami representatives, when they offer guidance to homins or when giving them missions.
  • The preachers have the capacity to recall the dead to life and impart magic to faithful homin followers who help them in their attempts to preserve their habitat.
  • The sentinels watch over the natural assets (raw materials) of Atys and punish those who try to overexploit her resources.
  • The welcomers are there to welcome those who wish to help and test their worth by receiving small missions and tasks.
  • The ambassadors are the Kami representatives among the homin tribes.
  • The masters train the homins by giving them more important missions, the rites.
  • The Kami lords are the most powerful leaders of the Kami Alliance. There is one for each continent.


  • To eradicate the Goo.
  • To retain an equilibrium between flora and fauna and hence preserve their habitat.
  • Recruit Homins to their cause
  • Oppose the Karavan

Destabilizing factors

  • The Goo represents the greatest threat for the Kamis. The Goo is a cancer that nibbles away at the planet, against which the Kamis are powerless.
  • The Karavan represents a minor menace for them. The magnetic fields that their technology and machinery emit perturb plant life. Furthermore, years of Karavan gathering resources thanks to links with homins is beginning to wear down the planet's natural reserves.
  • Overexploitation of natural vegetal plant resources will jeopardize the balance of the planet.


The Kamis are the living incarnation of Ma-Duk, the Great Creator of Atys. Ma-Duk is not represented in the form of a superior hominoid. It is instead a bodiless entity of pure energy that presides over a kind of nirvana. The Kamis have been placed on Atys to watch over the planet and defend it against anyone who might threaten to break its natural balance.

What they can provide for homins:

Only those who serve the Kamis may benefit from their teachings and their power of resurrection. They taught homins how to use magic. To those who break their laws, the Kamis promise vengeance.

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