Kitin Stir... Homins! Prepare!

During the winter of the 3rd Cycle, 2544, while the fertile forests of the Matis froze under harsh wind and blowing snow, the Fyros demonstrated their dangerous curiosity once again... with destructive consequences.

Reports from the Rangers mention the appearance of a Kizarak of exceptional size. It is impossible to know how this discovery reached the ears of the inhabitants of the Burning Desert so quickly, but nevertheless, it piqued the appetites of the curious Fyros.

Ignoring the lessons of the past, the Fyros Scholar, Daeronn Cegrips, spearheaded an expedition to the depths of the Prime Roots and descended with his troops into Demon's Lap, his expedition making its way with Stavon swords and Cleven axes into the mass of Kitins. Nothing in the Chronicles mentions if they managed to find and kill the monster, but the consequences of their folly are well known.

The Homins of the Bark paid the price for this transgression, because the enraged Kitins did not delay in their response to the intrusion. Bursting from the soil, pouring out of their invincible nests, the Kitin reminded all life on Atys that the depths of the Prime Roots was their Kingdom alone.


The news of the Fyros' carelessness spread, as though carried by the wind, through the New Lands. Terrified of a re-occurrence of the terrible events of the Great Swarm, the leaders of the four regions summoned their people. In the Agora of Pyr, in the Palace of Yrkanis, at Frogmore Place in Fairhaven and at the Stage in Zora, all Homins presented themselves, fearful and with weapons in hand, determined not to abandon their homes once more to the Kitin.

Erlan, Chronicler
in The Columns of Erlan, on 2544 CA III

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