Ibian Peldix bark Sculptor - Part One

Dear reader, today we are going to meet one of the greatest Fyros crafters that I know. His wood sculpting talent is unrivalled on Atys. I am all the more eager to interview him because he is currently working on construction sites on Fyros territory, so I hope he will be willing to share a few words with us.

Hello, Ibian. Thank you for allowing us to ask you a few questions. To begin with, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Ibian Pledix, and I live in Dyron and work as a bark sculptor.

When did you decide to become a bark sculptor?

Oh, well, I guess we can use the word "vocation". I can remember the day when my father offered me my first dagger jab. He hoped that I would follow in his footsteps and become a hunter like him. But he was thoroughly disappointed when he saw that, instead of hunting yubo, I spent my time carving bits of bark to make little wooden gingos and bodocs. Still, he did nothing to prevent me from leaving when I found a master crafter who was willing to teach me the art of woodcarving.

And what does it take to be a good wood sculptor?

I would say that you must be very meticulous and focused. The slightest error can ruin many days of work! One misplaced cut and your whole design is thrown off.

How long have you been practicing your art?

Well, it has now been more than forty years that I have been working in this profession. I became a Master Jeweler at the age of thirty, then I diversified into more ambitious work, especially in decorating and then in construction. Without boasting, I can say that I am still one of the best crafters on this side of the Bark.

Your work is indeed very admirable; how do you achieve such finesse? Which tools do you use?

You know, each crafter has his own little peculiarities. I happen to use jeweler's tools made of ragus bone. They are not as robust as wood shears made of kitin legs, but they are much finer and they allow more meticulous work.

And what are you working on right now?

Well, now that the Karavan have unveiled their sanctuary construction project, I can tell you about it openly: I am working on the plans for a sanctuary dedicated to Jena. Here - just before you arrived, I was putting the finishing touches on the miniature model of one of the columns, made up of thousands of different pieces. Of course, I will not be building the sanctuary myself. But there will be hundreds of homins working on this project, I hope.

And why are there plans for a Jena temple?

Well, there is an interesting story to that. Several weeks ago, while I was scraping some bark to collect raw materials, I found myself surrounded by a pack of gingos that I had been too busy to notice as they approached. I can still remember a moment of terrible pain - and then everything went blank. A total blackout. Then I heard a voice telling me that I had been chosen for a grand mission because of my talents and my devotion. Jena wished that I, Ibian Pledix, help her servants erect an edifice to her glory! The image of an amazing temple was impressed upon my mind, and I think that if I had been fully awake, I would have wept at such beauty! The voice spoke again and I can still remember the words: "Make the plans for this building, so that the homins may build it and thereby give glory to Jena, the one who shall soon save all of you!" I finally opened my eyes, and found that I was in the Dunes of Exile, near the Karavan altar. Had I merely dreamed? But the image of the temple reappeared to me suddenly, clearer than ever. My last doubts vanished when the Karavan host, who I knew well, came up to me and said, "Now you are blessed above all, Ibian. Jena has shown her faith in you today. I believe in you too, homin, and I know that you will not let her down."

Ibian had grown misty-eyed by the time he finished speaking, filled with adoration and his heart set on something that only he could see. The image of the temple must have appeared to him again. I left him to his thoughts for a moment, so he could collect himself.

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