Mac Keaggan tells us about the outlying areas of Zora

"Hello Naroy!"

"Arty Mac Keaggan! I haven't seen you around Avendale for a long time! What will you have?"

"Your house brew, as usual. That's what I need to recover from my trip."

"So where have you been to this time?"

"I went to Zora, with my little convoy of mektoubs. Business is pretty good with the Zoraïs."

"Good for you. So what's the news from there?"

"Some really strange things, let me tell you. I was going to the stables to collect my animals, when a Tryker came up to me and asked if I supported the Kamis and wanted to follow them."

"From the looks of it, I would say that guy had joined the Company of the Eternal Tree"

"That's right! He took me for a kamist. The little worm practically forced me to follow him to the plains just at the edge of Zora. There were about a dozen of his companions from the Eternal Tree and a small crowd of homins running around doing I-don't-know-what. In the middle of them all, there was a Kami Preacher Lord, accompanied by a grand Zoraï. The Kami Preacher Lord had difficulty speaking, but the Zoraï faithfully interpreted his words of devotion to Ma-Duk. His exhortations were repeated by all the homins in the crowd. Since there was no prospect of either selling or gathering anything, I left this crowd of worshipers to their collective trance."

"Wow! Can I get you another beer?"


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