Mac Keaggan Meeting in Zora

"Say Naroy, do you remember that Tryker I told you about, the one I met at the stables at Zora?"

"Of course, I remember. Have you seen him again? Is he still with the Company of the Eternal Tree?"

"Believe it or not…he quit."

"Really? Have the recent events convinced him to join the Church of Light? You seem to know quite a bit about this loafer. Have you seen him recently?"

"Yes, during my last trip to Zora. And he's no longer a loafer since he and I have become acquainted. His name is Dany O'Doyley. He has fallen madly in love with Geng Xo-Yuang, the range weapon merchant in Zora. Incredible, isn't it? To prove his love for her he left the Company, sold all his belongings at once and went to see the Dynasty Magistrate of Zora to plead with him to grant him Zorai citizenship. The magistrate tested him before allowing him the rites of passage to becoming a citizen. Danny had to give his dappers to the dynasty treasury."

"And he gave them without shilly-shallying?"

"Yes, and happy to do it! Then the Magistrate questioned him about the Zoraïs, their history and values. I don't know if Dany really knew the answers to the Magistrate's questions, or if it was just good luck, but he got them all correct."

"Mmmm…Perhaps he has kept some of his good-for-nothing tricks up his sleeve?"

"Maybe, but before I had a chance to ask him about this, he left for a trip across the whole Zorai territory to prove he can pass the test. Naroy, do you realize what love can do?"

"Huh! Come on Arty, this round is on me. Lets drink to Dany's health!"

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