Fao the Zoraï tells us of the activities of the Karavan

When the sun goes down over Liberty Lake, the Avendale bar fills up with homins who are impatient to imbibe in the cool, frothy beer that is skillfully served up by Naroy Ba'Dardan. His bar attracts a large crowd of customers from many walks of life, whether they are the homins who work in the region or those who use the nearby vortex for travel, ready to brave the dangers of the Loria Lagoons.

Today, among the many conversations, let's listen in on Fao the Zoraï, a follower of Ma-Duk, as he explains his take on recent events:

"Of course the Karavan want a war! Every day, they increase their provocations of Ma-Duk, under their false pretexts. Every day, they inflame their homin followers against the Kami faithful. Their latest trick is to say that the Kamis are supposedly going to attack the Karavan followers. This is pure nonsense! A Kami, who represents the life force of Atys, would never threaten the life of a homin without cause. But by making us into the popular scapegoat, the Karavan are running the risk of the wrath of Ma-Duk."

"What's more, I have also recently seen the Karavan becoming very busy on Atys. Their envoys are gathering in the capitals, accompanied by homin crafters, and they seem to be exchanging plans and information for some unknown purpose. There is no doubt that something big is cooking. But we will not fear it, because Ma-Duk and the Kamis are watching over Atys and will not permit it to be disfigured by the works of the Karavan."

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