The story of a Young Corsair - Part Four

Codgan hadn't really listened to the young Tryker. He'd just taken a look at his notes, and asked him if he was a fighter. Bremmen wasn't sure of his answer, but nodded and thus, he found himself in possession of a shiny new set of armour in the Corsairs' colours, moving swiftly in company to the Lagoons of Loria. Five days after the meeting between the Matis, the corsairs reached the vortex between the Lagoons and the Winds of Muse. During their travel they had come up with a plan of action.

First, they would spy on the group of Matis travelling from the Winds of Muse, and then attack each part of the Matisian army after they had split. Following this, they would sweep the area to ensure that no other Matis were present, ensuring that any attack on the outpost would be so weak as to not stand a chance. Every Corsair seemed to know exactly what he had to. Bremmen had been asked to use his weapon on magicians, and preferably to target their head so as to stun them.

They established a camp just south from the vortex. A scout had been sent to the Winds of Muse to locate the Matis and ascertain their numbers. During the period of waiting, Bremmen collected some fruits and mushrooms while the better fighters went hunting for meat. They ate together, and talked for a long time around the campfire, narrating tales of the old land. Bremmen could hardly believe he was sharing so much with the Corsairs. Definitely his heart belonged to them. They slept well, taking shifts on guard duty, with someone always to make sure that the carnivores kept their distance from the camp.

At sunrise, the scout returned. He gulped some food before making his report. There were sixteen Matis on their way, so they would certainly split into two eight-people groups once they had passed through the portal. They would arrive at noon. The Corsairs decided to attack them right at the vortex: as they were far more numerous and would have the element of surprise. Time was of the essence as they also had to stop the other group coming from Verdant Heights. So they headed north, and camouflaged themselves with mud to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The sun was at its zenith when the Matis came through the vortex. Their black armour stood out easily against the yellow sand of the beaches of the Lagoons. They stopped and were awaiting the order to split ranks when the call to attack was shouted. All the Corsairs sprang up and began to move in on their target. Bremmen took his weapon, and hit a destructor right in the middle of his head. The magician didn't fall, but was completely stunned. Then he aimed at the healers. The warriors were closing in on him, but the two healers were quickly stunned and surrounded by other warriors from the Corsairs. Bremmen was going to flee, but the Corsairs were able to overcome the remaining warriors. It took less time than expected: the Corsairs were indeed good at warfare; their opponents had stood no chance. Some of the Corsairs looted the bodies, taking anything of value.

They healed their wounds… they had very few in fact, and not one of their ranks had died. But their time was counting down. They sent three scouts to explore the Lagoons of Loria, and moved to the outpost targeted by the Matis, to establish a defence. No creature dared attack them, and they arrived at the outpost in a couple of hours. They examined their surroundings, and established a strategy for the final conflict.

Night fell on the the Lagoons of Loria, and they camped like the night before. The next morning at first light, two of the scouts had already returned. Two groups of fifteen people had been located. There were both coming from the North, but one group was ahead of the other and would doubtless stop and wait to combine forces for the attack on the outpost. The dune selected by the Corsairs would surely be the one they would choose to assemble at due to its view of the outpost.

They guessed right. They saw Matis warriors coming from the horizon, fifteen of them. They were heading right for the dune the Corsairs were hiding behind. The Corsairs, camouflaged again against the vegetation, lay still and awaited their prey. The Matisians arrived and were quickly overcome by the Corsairs. Some Corsairs looted the opponents' bodies then all returned to their position only to see two other groups of fifteen people arriving at the outpost, one from the north, and the other from the south. This time, the battle would be much harder. But Bremmen quickly turned to the leader of the Corsairs with a plan.

"That's dangerous and very risky for you. Are you sure you want to try it?"
"I am. And this way only one of us takes a risk. If it works then we'll have no trouble defeating them"
"Try it then, take these clothes, and good luck!"

Bremmen put on a set of Matis armour, and ran to the south, straight up to the group of approaching Matis, while the Corsairs went quietly northwards. Our Tryker was less than 50m far from the Matis when one of them made a sign. He stopped and shouted:

"I come in peace. Some of your friends seem to be in trouble not far from here, fighting the Cuzans, but I cannot approach them and give them a hand alone"

The Matis leader hesitated, and made another sign for him to come closer.

"How are they dressed?"
"All in black armour, Sir. They're less than 500m to the east. I can lead you there, if you wish"
"Led by a Tryker? Somehow I don't think so…"
"Then I can just point to the place. Do you see that tree on the dune? Just head towards it, and then 200 meters straight to the east"
"You are coming with us. Your kind is known to lie!"

Bremmen swallowed slowly. He followed the Matis, trying to stay as far from them as possible, but one of the warriors put his sword against his back, ordering him to walk before him. He had no choice but to obey. They reached the tree, and looked to the east.

"So, where are they?" One of the Matis asked.
"They should be there, but we cannot see them from so far away…"
"Go on then!"

They walked the 200 meters, but of course, there were no Matis, and not even a sign that there had ever been a fight. The Matis glanced at Bremmen, and our Tryker began to wonder if his last hour had come…..

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