Lady Chiabre's Social Diary - Part Two

Hello again, style-lovers!

I have been following the circus-like antics of the recent Tryker election closely, and my maid, Cinni, has been doing a little investigation for me in addition. All I can conclude is that the Tryker state must be at a very low point indeed when it comes to class, decorum and the basics of style management.

Would you believe the candidates that have stood in this election? An upstart little twerp of a tryker called Learoy Shilly, who is obsessed with standardization of tryker armor and the values of anything tryker made. And to show his faith in his own ideas he is wearing a Matis caster pants! It had my poor maid in stitches for ages when she described his choice of attire. How stupid can you be?

The Skipper is actually boasting of being a pirate and seems to regard money laundering as a legitimate means of financing the tryker government and economy! No wonder he has to turn to such illegal means when all he can do is to construct sinking boats and salivate over the Mayor of Windermeer. Perhaps he needs the sinking boats for all his money washing...

Now the Mayor of Windermeer is a personage I would not let over my doorstep, not even on a sunny day. O'biggan Brassen is her name, my maid tells me and she is about as big and brassen as her name suggests. I doubt even Learoy Shilly would manage to standardize her bodice, which my maid in a fit of giggles called the Bodice of Doom. I'd say the tryker would be facing both doom and gloom if the good Skipper had won the election.
To top it all, that drunkard Rehn Kirran joined the race and was pretending to be serious about politics, as if he could be serious even in his most sober moments. His pretty doll of a wife has about as much wits as her husband and my maid tells me she has not shown up much in the campaign. I think Rehn is afraid she will show just how silly she is and ruin his assumed gravitas. I would not put it past her to show up and drag him out of a debate or campaign meeting to come home and pick flowers for her. Silly romantic snippet! Now Cinni tells me that Rehn is actually to be Deputy Governor in charge of all Tryker defense! Was I a Tryker, Jena forbid, Gosh that would make me sleep soundly in my bed…not.

The only serious candidates in all this were the Lady Ailan and Shaley Nara. It seems that Shaley should have kept to her guard job; as the Trykers ignored her in the 1st election round. It is a shame really, Shaley is a decent girl and devote Karavan follower as is proper and right.

That’s more than can be said about Ailan, calling herself Lady, as if the Trykers have any aristocracy! I don't care if she descends from Jena herself, it is indecent to pretend to be a tryker and a Lady! She is just as plain and homely as the next tryker girl and the way she flirts with the Fyros is sickening. How can she do this and hope for support amongst the Trykers? Still Wyler should have taught her some political maneuvering in the 10 years she was his advisor, or maybe the advisor role was of a different kind?

Still, now that it appears that she will be the new Governor, I will have to gain an introduction, perhaps she would like to come to my next dinner party….She’d better not wear that hat though, it looked strange enough on old Stil Wyler! Indeed maybe I could give her some style counseling.

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