An Interview with Cuiccio Perinia, Matis Botanist and Historian

We visited one of the magnificent town trees in Yrkanis to meet Cuiccia Perinia, a famous Matis botanist and historian who was kind enough to grant us a brief interview in his Sylvan abode..

Come in ! Come in !

The genial botanist greeted us at the door, and invited us to be seated with a sweeping hand gesture.

Hello, and thank you for receiving us here, Cuiccio Perinia.

It is a great pleasure to share my knowledge with you and your readers.

We came here mainly to see if you can answer some of our questions concerning the Tribe of the Ancient Dryads which is to be found in the Grove of Confusion. Their guards attack us on sight, as indeed they do many Homins, and we wanted to know : Why are they attacking us like this ?

It would perhaps be interesting if we begin at the beginning ? don't you think ?

The Homin looked as us a trifle sardonically as he waited for us to reconsider our question.

Yes, of course. Well, to start with, could you tell why the tribe is found at this spot?

Ah ! That's a long story ! But i will explain it to you briefly. You must have noticed that the tribe is chiefly composed of Matis.


Well, at the beginning this tribe was composed of Matis botanists. These botanists were sent by the court to study the intelligent plants of the Grove of Confusion, but they never returned to civilization…

Do you mean they are … dead ?

The botanist began to laugh.

Dead ? With time perhaps. But that is not the reason why we never saw them back at court.

Ah ? But then … what happened to them ?

Different theories exist on this, and noone really know the truth. It is my opinion, however, that one theory stands out above the rest.

Could you please explain it to us erm … briefly ?

I'm going to, I’m going to. Don't be so impatient. So... some of our specialists think that these botanists used substances which have altered their mental state, undoubtedly produced from sap and under the … harmful … influence of the Kamis.

Ah, that would explain the presence of the Kami ambassador in their camp ?

Exactly! That's the main explanation that we consider reasonable..

Could you explain any of the other theories to us?

Cuiccio Perinia’s face suddenly lit up with amusement.

There is one that I can think of, but its rather more unlikely.. Still we can’t ever be sure, can we ?


So, this theory, if I can remember the details … ah yes ! some scientists from Yrkanis think that the unnatural change in the behaviour of these botanists stems from the very plants which they went to study…

Sorry ?!

Well … according to these scientists, the intelligent plants may still harbour unknown abilities. For example they could influence the botanists' minds; making them crazy… to our point of view. In that way, these plants, that we can definitely qualify as intelligent plants, transform simple Homins in real protectors.

Protectors ?

Yes ! Protectors !

Their goal is then to … protect the plants?

Oh ! It could go even further then that ! It has even been suggested that they would want to invade Verdant Heights and create a huge plant kingdom !

This was our turn to suppress a brief grin.

Mmmhhh … More seriously, why are they attacking us ?

I think you can work that out for yourself…

They attack the Matis because they disown their own country ?


For the Fyros, they control fire – that real danger to plant life?


So why do they attack even Trykers?

Well, people are saying that they hate the Trykers because they have devastated plants for their resources… Where ? When ? In which circumstances ? I know nothing more then you on this. Finally, the Zoraïs are allied with the Kami, so their tolerance of them is perhaps understandable..

Thank you very much Cuiccio Perinia. I think that the situation is much clearer now.

It was a pleasure to talk to you !

Ah ! One last thing !

Yes ?

Their symbol is a tree starting to grow in the heart of a Homin ; that might make a little more sense to you now....

Our host allowed a faint smile to cross his face.

These sort of details can make the difference between a good article and a common interview.

Thank you !

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