A Very Special Drink

At some point during the last few days, an observant Homin may have overheard the following chit chat in Pyr Tavern.

Lydix the Barman and an attractive red-clad Fyros lady were having a quiet but heated conversation. On the ground, all around the lady in red lay several Bags full of Yubo-leather Drinking-Tubes. In her right hand she held a small wooden cup which she filled with a brownish liquid from one of the tubes.

"This my friend, is Anichios Mead." she said, handing him the half filled cup. "A Tryker specialty, from somewhere in the Lakelands."

Lydix took the proffered cup and gave a tentative sniff, his forehead wrinkling slightly.
"Hmmh... Smells like honey, herbs and something else..." carefully he sipped a mouthful of the liquid and let it roll around his tongue. The unknown lady watched him intently as he tasted the beverage..

"Interesting. It tastes warm and soft. Spicy but not too much. - Pretty good actually. - Just where was it made again? I have not heard of this "Anichios Mead" until now?"
With a small nervous gesture the Fyros smoothed her fiery, unruly hair down and a slightly frozen smile appeared on her face.

"I’m so glad you like it. How many Tubes do you want?"

"Are you avoiding my question?"

"I’m not avoiding anything at all." A look of indignation shot across her face. "I’m just so happy that you like my product and I’m absolutely sure your guests will like it too. So, how many of these Tubes to you want to buy again?"

She bent down and with a small grunt heaved one of the bags filled with mead-tubes onto the counter. Lydix gaze was drawn to her slender form and he quickly averted his eyes. He knew well about these female sales tactics. But he would not let himself be distracted.

With an angry look he asked again:

"Just tell me where and how is it made? It could well contain something unpleasant, so unless you tell me I won’t buy anything from you. You can grease your hair with it if you want too."

Surprised by his outburst the Fyros looked at Lydix. "How?", but she caught herself just in time and murmured.

"What an amazing guess; hair is indeed the charm!."

Now it was on Lydix to be surprised. "What?"

With a sigh the Fyros in red leaned over the counter to speak into Lydix’s ear. Once again he almost fell victim to her charms and the medium Fyros Armor...

"This drink has its own little story. A legend if you will. You’d better not let any of your customers hear this."

Lydix nodded wearily. "Shoot."

"There once was a Matis Smugglers Captain in the lakelands. His Name was Piro Anichio, and he was the grandfather of the recent captain. It is said that whilst he was a pretty vain guy, not unusual for a Matis, he was also a very good salesman, or he would never have made it to become the Smugglers’ Captain. His family having fallen on hard times due to a frenzied Kitin attack on their prized vineyard; he was forced into becoming a freebooter. Accustomed to a better lifestyle, he never let go his vanity and remained obsessed with his hair and his good looks. He had a special ointment for his hair, passed down from his grandmother’s side of the family that he rubbed in to give it that special shine he so rejoiced in. And although his men often laughed behind his back, they were loyal to him, for he was a fair and just Captain.

One very hot day in the lakeland, when the Sun was parching the beaches around the hideaway of the Pirates, Anichio rested in the sun’s rays applying his special hair lotion made from his grandmother’s recipe of honey, special herbs, animal fats and water from a hidden fount on the family lands."

Lydix face began to show a bit of concern.

"As he stepped out into the baking sun it wasn’t long before the first bugs arrived. He swatted at them, for they were a customary annoyance on such a hot day. A few moments later unfortunately he had the misfortune to pass by a beehive hidden in the bushes near the hideout. As you can imagine the Bees were pretty busy on such a hot day and they found the good-smelling thing wandering by their home an unmissable treat.”

Lydix grinned in appreciation.

"Well, under the roaring laughter of his men he ran back into his cottage and doused his head in a barrel of water standing inside. So angry was he that, cursing his grandmother, he threw the small keg of ointment right into the barrel and forgot all about it while one of his men treated his swollen face."

A mirthful smile drew over Lydix face.

"A few days later the pirate band returned weary and sunburned to the security of their homes. One of the men entering the cabin first noticed a pleasant smell emanating from the barrel in the corner. He had no knowledge of what was inside and took a cup of it outside the hut and drank thirstily. Gradually, word spread about the delicious new drink the captain was brewing. When he discovered what they were all drinking Anichio realised what must have happened as the ointment dissolved in the water and the mix fermented into an unusually good drink in the hot summer temperatures.

He saw his chance and took it. And, as they say, the rest is history."

She leaned back and smiled knowingly at Lydix, who broke out into a loud laugh and patted her on the shoulder.

"Well told, young lady. And a good story to boot. Alright, I’ll buy the whole lot and I’ll even help you getting it into the cellar."

With that he stepped around the bar and opened the door down into the cool cellar.

"And yes you are right. It’s better not to tell the customers about it." he winked at her. As they carried the heavy bags down the stairs their laughter echoed in peals from the cool wooden walls.

A nosy Homin might now have the unique chance of sneaking up to the bar and maybe sampling a free taste of this special brew from the abandoned tube and the half-filled cup standing on the counter. Whilst doing this he may also notice the label made of heavy parchment dangling from a thread on the cork.

On it there is an exquisite drawing depicting the dashing figure of a Matis. A pistol and a saber are pushed through his belt; there is a tube very similar to the one in the room in his right hand, and a small keg in his left. His hair is matted to his head by sweat or water, his head is surrounded by small black dots. Behind the figure stands a wooden barrel.

In equally fine handwriting the legend is written beneath the feet of the figure:

"Captain Anichios mead. Traditionally made to an old family recipe!"

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