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09:19 pm Ryzom Bug #935: Screenshots saved in a dedicated directory.
nimetu wrote:
> In Windows, 'My Pictures' should be used by default (if not set differently from config). MacOS migh...


09:18 am Ryzom Bug #935 (Closed): Screenshots saved in a dedicated directory.
This way, no risk to delete a system file in the client main dir.
(would be great for the official client too ^^ ).


04:12 pm Ryzom Help: RE: Questions related to Entities.
I've found I think....
02:27 pm Ryzom Help: Questions related to Entities.
Hi all,
I want to use the entities list to detect if an outpost is near the player.
Few questions :
1° Does t...


10:50 am Ryzom Open discussion: RE: a place to find a team ?
Joining or creating a team. The purpose is to find people sharing same ideas...
I'm more interested in adding mods ...


08:40 pm Ryzom Open discussion: a place to find a team ?
Hi all,
The first thing that came to my mind when i saw this great news (Ryzom becoming OpenSource) was :
Wahou, ...


10:57 am Ryzom API Contest Submission: RE: YubOS
And 2 monthes later.... version 0.9.0 appears!
This is not a final release as i'm polishing interfaces & communicati...


06:21 pm Ryzom API Ryzom API suggestions: item_icon.php & Craft Plan
Hi all,
With the use of the latest Mimetu's translation tools, it's possible to get the identification of a craft ...


07:52 pm Ryzom API Website ideas: RE: Connect the dressing room with character API
it's amazing what you've done.
Here is what i create with your API Nimetu.
I create the fi...


11:00 am Ryzom API API Tips and Tricks: Flex and AESEncryption.
There's a php function (function_aes.php) provided with Ryzom API to create secure key, and to encrypt and decrypt al...

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