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09:46 am Ryzom API Ryzom API suggestions: RE: Add volume for an item
Don't know if you found a workaround for this one, but I'm interested too.
the alternative would be to put some ug...


12:43 pm Ryzom API Bugs: RE: Warning about the function filemtime() and errors.
Same warnings for me each time I enter a bad code in the sheetid ... or something missing from the cache.
You shou...


10:58 am Ryzom API Open discussions: Items in Store for demo character
Would it be possible to add some Items in Store for one or both demo characters ?


11:15 am Ryzom API API Tips and Tricks: Inventory decoding - part 1 common objects
some API functions sends you lists of items in bag, mektoub, appartment ...
basically you retrieve a list of :


11:53 pm Ryzom API Open discussions: Section "API Tips and Tricks"
Something that is terribly missing :
- a place where we can publish the things we (users and developpers) found ou...
09:33 pm Ryzom API Bugs: RE: bad number of items in Store
my mistake ...
06:02 pm Ryzom API Bugs: [FIXED] bad number of items in Store
Some inconsistencies between
- number of items in Store IG
- number of items in Store reported by the API
In Ga...


09:14 am Ryzom API Ryzom API suggestions: Item Description / Precise Nature
As far as I can tell there is no way to retrieve the "real nature" of an item with the ItemIcon.php page
I mean some...

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