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12:17 am Ryzom Help: Object_viewer_qt on linux (Ubuntu)
Error when compil Object_viewer_qt on linux with last code : ...


10:20 am Ryzom Open discussion: RE: [INSUE] Last Code not Work in CentOS6
Look the files "core" in /home/????/ryzomcore/code/ryzom/server with gdb.
I'm a identical problem with debian : ht...


10:42 pm Ryzom Help: RE: core dumped (With GDB)
Sorry :)...
12:34 pm Ryzom Help: RE: core dumped (With GDB)
With Symbols : ...
10:08 am Ryzom Help: RE: core dumped
My core dump (with GDB) : ...


10:00 am Ryzom Help: core dumped (With GDB)
when connect from server i'm a core dumped :


11:15 pm Ryzom Help: Error compil VS2010
Error compil with the last rev :
> /code/nel/src/gui/stdpch.h(32) : fatal error C1017: invalid integer constant e...


09:08 am Ryzom Help: FES (frontend_service ?) chain crach.
with the last REV client/server, after character selection the client freeze and FES crach and reboot, why ?
With th...


11:07 pm Ryzom Help: Nel Paint plugins 3dsMax 2010
I'm compil 3dsmax plugins with no error but in 3dsmax the plugin nel paint not work.


11:48 am Ryzom Help: RE: Adding object with Worldeditor.
Already but not work. I'm follow this wiki [[]] for blender ...

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