Standalone Ryzom Core Server on Windows

That Standalone Server is experimental.

Tested on:
  • Windows XP Pro 32 (simplified chinese)
  • Windows XP Pro 64
  • Windows 7 64
  • Windows 2008 64

What you need

The latest Standalone Ryzom Core Server

Uncompress and place the folder "ryzom_core_server" in c:\
You will have the following path:


You MUST use that path, if you want to move the Server elsewhere see "Additional Settings".

The Standalone Server includes:
  • a Web Server (Server2Go)
  • a MySQL Server (Server2Go)
  • a Shard

Running the shard

To run the Shard, use the following batch:


The batch will start the Web Server, the MySQL Server, the Shard and open the Monitoring Tool with the default browser.

To stop the Shard, use the following batch:


The batch will stop the Web Server, the MySQL Server, the Shard and close the Monitoring Tool.

Connecting a client

If you don't have a client, download the last one

Additional Settings

Moving the Server

By default, the Standalone Server will only work if you place it in c:\

If you want to move it, edit the following files to match your path :



If you don't do it, you will get a 403 error in your browser.

Changing the ports

By default, the Web Server is using the port 80 and the MySQL server the port 3306.

If you want to change it, edit:


and update the ports:



If you changed the Web Server port, you will have to update the Virtual Host Config for the Monitoring Tool:


That's all folks!!!