Ryzom Core Server on Ubuntu Virtual Machine

What you need

Ubuntu basic knowledge

You might need Ubuntu basic knowledge to adapt the Virtual Machine to your needs.



The Virtual Machine

It's an english Ubuntu Server LTS 10.04 x86 based Virtual Machine.
You will find the latest one here:


The file is compressed, you will need about 3.34Gb.



Click on New to create your Virtual Machine.
The next time, you will click on Start instead.

Name your Virtual Machine, select "Linux" and "Ubuntu".

You will need about 1.5Gb of memory (RAM + swap).

By default, the Virtual Machine is using a 1Gb swap file, so you will need to declare at least 512Mb of RAM in VirtualBox.
If you want to remove or change the swap file, follow that wiki:


Select the file you previously downloaded, ryzom_core_server.vdi.

Validate your Virtual Machine and click on "Settings" to change the network settings.
For "Adapter 1", select Attached to "Bridged Adapter".

Select your ethernet adapter.

Click on "Advanced" to display the advanced settings.
Set the "Mac Address" to:


Important notice: If you don't specify the Mac Address, the Virtual Machine will detect a new network adapter and ignore the network settings.


You can log on the Virtual Machine using:

user: ryzom

password: ryzom

If you need root access, use "sudo".


By default, the Virtual Machine is using the following static ip:


and DNS

You can connect on the Virtual Machine using "ssh" and "sftp".

If you want to change the ip and gateway, edit:


If you want to change the DNS, edit:


But don't forget to update FSListenHost in:


You can use "vi" or "nano" to edit the settings.

If your network adapter is not recognized, delete the following file:


and restart the Virtual Machine.


You can access to the MySQL server using:

user: root

password: ryzom

You can use PHPMyAdmin too:

with the default ip.

Running the shard

To run the shard, connect to the Virtual Machine using the "ryzom" account, and use the following command:

shard start

Ignore the various warnings.

To stop the shard:

shard stop

To forcefully stop the Virtual Machine, click on the "Machine" menu and "Close".

Then "Power off the machine".

You can monitor your shard using the webtool:

with the default ip.

Connecting a client

If you don't have a client, download the last one (windows):


Edit client.cfg to match your server ip:

StartupHost = "";

with the default ip.

That's all folks!!!

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