Pipeline 3dsMax

This article is part of the work in progress Pipeline V3. Documentation is written as it is being developed. It does not apply to the current build pipeline.


Registering the COM Server

In order to call the 3dsMax application from the pipeline service, you must first register the COM Server of the 3dsMax version you wish to use.

To do this you must launch the needed version of 3dsMax as Administrator, go to COM/DCOM Server Control, and click Register if it doesn't say Unregister. Once it says Unregister the COM Server is properly registered.

The 3dsMax application does not need to be running for the pipeline service to make use of the COM Server.


There are several commands available to test the functionality of the pipeline for 3dsMax. These MUST NOT be used in production for building your assets.

Commands may be called from the pipeline client application as well. Refer to the respective client manual for further information.

Export shape

You can export shapes from a .max file manually by running the following command from the pipeline service:

maxExportShape <filePath> <outDirectory>

Where filePath is the full path to your .max file, and outDirectory is an existing directory where the shapes will be exported to.

For example:

maxExportShape "W:\database\stuff\generique\agents\accessories\GE_Mission_Barriere.max" "W:\test"