When applying for a Google Summer of Code grant to work with the NeL, your application must follow our application template (much of which we have borrowed from the Blender Foundation, with gratitude).

Personal Details

  • Name
  • College/University
  • Course/Major
  • Email
  • Webpage (optional)
  • IM Contacts (GTalk, MSN, AIM, Skype. Optional)
  • IRC Nick (if you are on in #nel)
  • Availability
    • How much time do you plan to spend on the GSoC project?
    • What is your intended start and end date.
    • What other factors are affecting your availability?
    • We need to know if your start will be delayed by exams, for example.

Background Information

  • Please summarize your background (education and software development)
  • Tell us a little about who you are what why you're interested in NeL.
  • Rate from 0 to 5 your knowledge of the following tools:
    1. C++
    2. Subversion
    3. GNU/Linux Programming tools OR Windows/MSVC Programming tools OR Mac/Mac OS X Programming tools (also say which one).
    4. Qt
    5. OpenGL/Direct3D (also say which one)
    6. FMOD/OpenAL/DirectSound/Xaudio2 (also say which one)
  • (Optional) What was the first computer you programmed on? What was the most advanced program you wrote on it? (brief answer)
  • (Optional) Pick one C++ program that you have enjoyed writing. What made it satisfying to write? (brief answer).

Project Proposal


A short description of what you would like to do for the NeL project.

Benefits to the NeL Community

Why your project will benefit the NeL community.


What will be the final output from your project? Please note that good user documentation should be a part of this output.

Project Details

A more detailed description.

Project Schedule

How long will the project take? When can you begin work? Include an estimated timeline of the project with mini-milestones. The more detailed the better but do not worry about being too detailed.


Thank you for applying to work with NeL in the Google Summer of Code program!