Adding a new continent:
You need:
- a name, I used "crater" 
You will make:
- a .land file (continent map)
- .primitives (zones & ai)
How to add:
- Create pipeline configuration files under R:\code\ryzom\tools\build_gamedata\workspace\continents\crater
- Add [1] to R:\code\ryzom\tools\build_gamedata\workspace\
- Run " -ipj continents/crater" 
- Create L:\leveldesign\World\crater\crater.continent
- Add the continent to L:\leveldesign\World\
- Run leveldesign_dev.bat pipeline script
- Use World Editor, make a new land, save as crater.worldedit and under W:\database\landscape\ligo\rocky
- In the land file, the x and y lines need to be changed to a block where your landscape will be, I don't know where to do this in the we ui, so I did it manually in the file, and reopen.
- Place the necesarry ligo blocks in zone mode
- Create a region primitive L:\primitives\crater\region_crater.primitive
- Draw the continent border
- Draw the region borders
- Add the primitive to L:\primitives\file_index.cfg and primitives.cfg
- Add [2] to entities_game_service.cfg
- Add [3] to used_continents.cfg
- Add the continent to R:\code\ryzom\common\src\game_share\continent.h&cpp (needs to be exactly same order and count as!)
- Compile & send stuff to your server and compile there too
- Run the export, build, and install scripts for continents/crater, and run data shard script too, and dev client
- Sync the built shard data (collisions etc) to your shard (you can use 8_upload)
- Set up an ai service for the crater continent (have not tried that)
- Delete all .packed_sheets files into R:\code\ryzom\server\data_shard
- Run everything


    ProjectsToProcess += [ "continents/crater" ]




        "crater", "22",