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ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 06:08 pm

Anatomy Of A Tree

1. JU_S3_Bush_tree_X

This is the low level mesh that the tree will fade to as the distance of the camera expands.
The picture is just a simple front and side camera render and the naked eye will not be able to tell the difference @ runtime.
It is attached to the JU_S3_Bush_tree's "LOD" node in its "Node Property's" window.

2. PACS Cyl01

This is the collision mesh.

3. JU_S3_Bush_tree

This is the main mesh.
The mesh is weight painted using the NeL_Tree_Painter plugin for MAX, Darker color is harder and lighter color gradient is more "Bendable".
You can adjust its wind property's under its "VertexProgram" tab in its Node.
You can test and view the wind in the Object Viewer plugin for max, Also you can export it as a .shape and view it using OVQT.

4. BushtreeDummy

I don't now what the hell this does, but add it anyway.

5. BushtreeDummyX

This too.

AOAT01.jpg (205 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 04:47 pm

AOAT02.jpg (201 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 05:37 pm

AOAT03.jpg (263.4 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 05:37 pm

AOAT05.jpg (97.5 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 05:40 pm

AOAT04.jpg (112.1 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 06:01 pm

TreeD.jpg (58.7 kB) ChrisNewman, 09/14/2010 06:33 pm