This Ryzom API gets the time in the game servers (shards).

Base URL

URL Parameters

format (optional)

Default format is raw.

  • raw: Returns the tick. The server tick is a 32 bit integer that increases by one every 100 milliseconds (example).
  • txt: Returns a homine-readable string (example).
  • xml: Returns an xml file that contains all shard time information (example).

Cache Duration

The data is cached during 1 minute.

PHP Interface


Returns SimpleXMLElement or boolean false on failure.

XML structure

 2  <server_tick>514105152</server_tick>
 3  <jena_year>2576</jena_year>
 4  <day_of_jy>319</day_of_jy>
 5  <month_of_jy>10</month_of_jy>
 6  <cycle>0</cycle>
 7  <day_of_cycle>319</day_of_cycle>
 8  <month_of_cycle>10</month_of_cycle>
 9  <day_of_month>19</day_of_month>
10  <day_of_week>1</day_of_week>
11  <season>3</season>
12  <day_of_season>49</day_of_season>
13  <time_of_day>13</time_of_day>
14  <txt_en>13h - Dua, Mystia 20, 1st AC 2576</txt_en>
15  <txt_fr>13h - Dua, Mystia 20, 1er CA 2576</txt_fr>
16  <txt_de>13h - Dua, Mystia 20, 1. AZ 2576</txt_de>
17  <cache created="1387437183" expire="1387437243"/>

Real Examples

If you have a website that use this Ryzom API, tell it in the forum and we'll add it.