Access character information.

Base URL

URL Parameters


Character API key.

Cache Duration

<character> xml element has attributes created and cached_until (utc timestamp)

PHP Interface


$apikey can be either string (single key) or array of strings.

On success, function returns associative array of SimpleXMLElement with $apikey as array index.
On failure, function returns boolean false.

XML structure

API is able to return information about multiple characters at once and so each <character> element is child of <ryzomapi> root element

2  <character apikey="key1" created="1387369332" modules="C01:P01" cached_until="1387369632">
3    ....
4  </character>
5  <character apikey="key2" created="1387369332" modules="P01" cached_until="1387369632">
6    ....
7  </character>

Invalid key error

When provided key is invalid, then <character> element contains <error> element with code attribute.

1<character apikey="key1" created="1387369873">
2  <error code="404">invalid key</error>

Possible error codes are listed on API error codes.