Ryzom Coding CONTEST : The Results (16 comments)

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The purpose of the Ryzom Coding Contest was to use the new Ryzom API to develop the best application for Ryzom. After 3 months of hard work, here are the results of the Ryzom Coding Contest.

We received a large number of submissions, so we've taken plenty of time to test and deliberate before deciding.

These applications were made for you, players, and so we invite you to try them: All projects can be found at this address.


  • 1st place: Nenita. He won EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200) by creating the the fully customizable 'Banner Maker' and 'Maps' application which allows you to locate members of your guild, their mektoubs, or create static maps to plan trips. Furthermore, he had a hand in the creation of many tools that have allowed other projects to emerge. For all of his work that we have designated him the winner of this contest.
  • 2nd place: Misugi. He won EUR 1 000 (USD 1 400) with zyRoom, a tool to view, filter and manage the inventories of characters and guilds.
  • 3rd place: Nepherk, winning EUR 500 (USD 700) with YubOS, a virtual desktop capable of many things, try it to found out what it can do.

Congratulations to all participants and we will hope to see you again for the next contest! We can already announce that it will be a contest of Ryzom screenshots!

Here is the complete list of sumissions sorted by theme:

Ryzom Coding CONTEST : Win EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200) (118 comments)

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Looking for some extra cash? Need an idea for a school project? Bored sitting in the house doing nothing? Fed up of flipping burgers? Here's a great opportunity to exercise your development skills, win a first prize of EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200), have fun and develop something useful that the Ryzom community will thank you for.

We have created a new API for the Ryzom MMORPG. This web-based API provides players and developers with a wealth of information from the Ryzom world in real time, creating endless possibilities for new tools, widgets and websites!

In conjunction with the release of the Ryzom API, we are proud to announce the Ryzom Coding Contest to encourage players and developers to collaborate and create fantastic new free software applications for Ryzom players! For example, you can develop an inventory management system, or a brokerage where players can find crafters who can make the items they are looking for, or even more ideas.

More information about the contest.

  • First prize: EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200)
  • Second prize: EUR 1 000 (USD 1 400)
  • Third prize: EUR 500 (USD 700)

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