Bug #954

Make all client sheets code a common library.

Added by sfb over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Status:New Start date:06/02/2010
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Category:Client: General
Target version:Version 0.9.0


At least one tool (sheets_packer) uses the client_sheets library directly but also requires the following source files directly from the client:

  • code/ryzom/client/src/continent_manager_build.cpp
  • code/ryzom/client/src/continent_manager_build.h
  • code/ryzom/client/src/sheet_manager.cpp
  • code/ryzom/client/src/sheet_manager.h

Move these four files to client_sheets. There is the possibility that more tools and applications will arise that load the client sheets directly and thus may need these loaders as well.

  • Move client_sheets entirely to code/ryzom/common/src.
  • Move client_sheets code into a unique namespace.


#1 Updated by vl over 9 years ago

packed_sheet are just a file caching system. Instead of loading thousand of xml files (sheets), it (client or services) generates a binary with only information it needs. if the packed_sheets doesn't exist or is not up to date, it create/update the cache.

we don't need a tool that generate these files, it's the client or service system to do it.

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