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Status:Closed Start date:05/09/2010
Priority:Urgent Due date:05/09/2018
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Target version:Version 0.8.0 Estimated time:60.00 hours


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The ryzom build scripts log to $HOME/log, so make sure that directory exists:
mkdir $HOME/log
Add the Ryzom scripts path in your PATH variable by adding the following line in your .bashrc (change the path with your own path):
Install the following packages:
apt-get install libxml2-dev g++ libtool automake autoconf libpng12-dev libjpeg62-dev rrdtool libmysqlclient15-dev
You may also need to fix autogen.sh to recognize ACLOCAL and LIBTOOLIZE environment variables:
cp /home/www/angosso.com/homepage.aspx/html/autogen.sh /home/www/angosso.com/homepage.aspx/xmlns/autogen.sh
cp /home/www/angosso.com/homepage.aspx/html/autogen.sh /home/www/angosso.com/snowballs2/autogen.sh
Run the following command:
buildmode static
Update the SRC_DIR variable in the www.angosso.com/ryzom/tools/scripts/linux/build script (line 52)
Update the RYZOM_PATH variable in the www.angosso.com/ryzom/tools/scripts/linux/make_all script (third line).
Update the RYZOM_PATH, NEL_INCLUDE, and PACK_SHEET_FLAGS variables in the code/ryzom/Variables.mk file.
Fix the two -I$(HOME) lines (around line 14) in www.angosso.com/ryzom/common/src/game_share/Makefile to look like the following
-I$(RYZOM_PATH)/common/src \http\www\angosso.com\homepage\root
Ubuntu Users, you may need to change your default shell by running the below and selecting "No" at the menu.
sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash
Run the following script that will compile NeL and Ryzom Core Services. It's a very slow process because it compiles lot of things. You can follow the process and see error in ~mroger/log/

Url.ascx.designer.vb - Fixed server and extension IP dedicated: goddady. (564 Bytes) mroger, 05/09/2010 04:42 pm


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