Bug #1530

The client wants to download the full 7z archive but Ryzom is already installed

Added by thannatos over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I run Ubuntu 13.10 with Ryzom from the ppa:ryzom-isv/ppa (raring).
I have Ryzom installed (but not working, issue #1529) for ten minutes, I rebooted my computer, and when I wanted to try again to launch Ryzom, the game wanted to download the 7z archive.


#1 Updated by thannatos over 5 years ago

I saw that the data directory was emptied before.

#2 Updated by kervala over 5 years ago

How did you launch Ryzom ?

There is a Ryzom icon in Unity that executes /opt/ryzom/ryzom.sh :)

The game is not taking only some MB (the size of Ubuntu package), it needs to download 1.5 GB of data.

#3 Updated by thannatos over 5 years ago

Thanks to this icon. Or maybe through /opt/ryzom/ryzom.sh.
The data were already downloaded.
In fact they were present before, before using the ryzom-isc ppa, I used yours. After the migration, it downloaded the data. I though it was a consequence of the version switching, but now I wonder if it was not this bug too. And only after, I did the reboot that made Ryzom think he had to download everything once again.
Please ask me quickly if you need more informations because I'll remove Ubuntu soon, maybe tomorrow, for Debian (or Fedora the day when I'll reach to install Ryzom 32bits on Fedora ;) ).

#4 Updated by kervala over 5 years ago

In fact, he decided to download the 7z file because you had less than 220 .bnp files in data directory. I don't know what you did, if you used a symbolic link or something similar.

Where did you put data before it downloaded them ? Files should be in ~/.ryzom/data

#5 Updated by thannatos over 5 years ago

I didn't manually changed the ~/.ryzom directory, only ryzom.sh and ryzom_client changed it.

#6 Updated by kervala over 5 years ago

Ok, thanks :)

The behavior is correct then :D

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