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No clear way to download the 64bits application for GNU/Linux

Added by thannatos almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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When you run Ubuntu, thanks to the PPA, it's easy to get the amd64 executable, but for others distros such as Fedora, there is nothing : no link in any documentation, nothing in the download page, nothing on sourceforge, and the manuals are outdated and only mention the Ryzom DVD...
Please add amd64 builds for GNU/Linux.


#1 Updated by kervala almost 6 years ago

The official Ryzom client is only available as a 32 bits static executable under Linux.

Everyone is welcome to package Ryzom Core client for his preferred distribution, that's what I did for Ubuntu :)

#2 Updated by thannatos almost 6 years ago

So bad... Learn how to build rpm was in my TODO list, but I won't be able to package a such huge game into a rpm before a long time...
So, I'll try to convert the debs into rpm thanks to alien, maybe it will work... But I guess we don't have always an up to date version of the core if we use the PPA instead of the official build right ?

#3 Updated by kervala almost 6 years ago

The binaries on PPA are using the same data than official build, that are downloaded using wget and patched with rsync. Debian/Ubuntu packages only contains the game client, the default configuration file and the script to patch data, so they are relatively small :)

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